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What is Reggae?

Reggae is a style of music that was developed first in Jamaica, then conquer many countries around the world. While some people use the term reggae to identify all the music of Jamaica, Reggae, actually, is a particular style of music from Ska and Rocksteady. He was the singer Bob Marley who popularized the music around the world, coming to be considered a legend.

The term "reggae" appears in the edition of 1967 of the Jamaican English Dictionary, as a derivative of the word rege or rege-rege, that can mean rags, tattered clothes, or fight, rina. As a musical style, first appeared in the 1968 rocksteady song, "Do the Raggay" group Toots and the Maytals. However, already had used in Kingston to identify to a slow pace of rocksteady. It also said that the same Bob Marley would have stated that the word comes from a Spanish word meaning "the music of the King". According to that, the word reggae could be derived from the latin regi meaning "to the King."

Reggae is a music genre with strong influences from African and Caribbean, music as well as the African American R & B music. However, it is claimed that its direct origins are due to the progressive development of ska and rocksteady in 1960s Jamaica. Ska was born of the mento music style and is characterized by a rather fast pace. In the mid-1960s, the musicians created a slower ska that gave rise to the rocksteady, which lasted until 1968, when the musicians returned to the rhythm of the music and added more effects. It was then when Reggae was born.

The first song considered with the rhythm that was to become Reggae was "Long Shot Bus' Me Bet" band The Pioneers. In 1968, appeared the first songs of true Reggae, as "Nanny Goat" of Larry Marshall and "No More Heartaches" of The Beltones. The same year, Johnny Nash managed to reach the U.S. market with the song "Hold Me Tight". But those who truly popularized reggae Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and BunnyWailer, that were part of the Group The Wailers. Almost impossible nowadays have not heard songs of this genre as "Buffalo Soldier" or "No woman, no cry". Reggae became one of the most popular styles, reaching influence even to rock bands. 1985, considered reggae in the Grammy Awards with the best Reggae Album category.

Reggae music can touch both in 4/4 time and shuffle. The music is simple, with one or two chords in a complete song. It is claimed that handle simple repetitive chord structure, give the reggae sometimes hypnotic effects. The instrumentation is compose of drums and other percussion, bass, guitars, keyboard and wind as saxophone, trumpet or trombone. In addition, with vocalists who often use tremolo (volume oscillation) rather than vibrato (pitch oscillation). As for the lyrics, reggae is characterized by his criticism of society and the lighter and more personal as social relations topics, love and sex. It is also common to use religious themes and subjects against nationalism, capitalism, racism, and colonialism.
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