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Definition of Self-portrait or Selfie

The concept of selfie is one of the most current concepts in the world of social networks and the interactive technologies, having exploited it in the last two or three years due to the exponential growth of this practice. When we talk about selfie we are referring to the photo taken by the same person, something like a sort of self-portrait of modernity.
The term selfie was used greatly in recent years from the increasingly common practice (especially of young people and adolescents) to take pictures of themselves on their own, showing specific hairstyle, clothing, pose, or place. The selfie is basically accomplished from the important development of the interactive technologies, especially smart phones or Smart Phones that give the individual able to take your own photo easy and simple. In addition, the selfie has become especially common from the growth of social networks which, in conjunction with these mobile devices, require the person to keep uploading photos or data itself in a continuous and permanent way. In the case of the selfies or personal photos, they tend to be taken and uploaded instantly to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others.
Considered that there are few examples of ancient selfies, i.e. people who accidentally or on purpose they sought to take a picture of themselves and is curious to see the methods of carry out as well as the different clothing, hairstyles, poses and others in those cases. Currently, the selfies are very common especially among adolescents and young people who used this practice to show to friends or adversaries in certain ways. In some cases even is common that they do not seek to portray the landscape if not to themselves, as well as can be these photographs taken in completely everyday and intimate environments that sometimes do not imply any special interest (the inside of a car, a busy local, bathroom, bedroom, etc.).
Finally, we can add that this practice is also particularly common today among some celebrities or famous Hollywood resorting to it to show to their fans and followers, their activities, their lifestyle and their decisions about their body image.
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