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What is a Sky Velazqueno?

They are called so to heaven that looks "matted" clouds of different types, what weather is called a complex "sky" or "chaotic sky" as we find at the same time many types of clouds at the same time, is a sky clear, where dominate blue, grey and white tones (some papista will tell me that grey is a white tone and vice versa will tell me to another)with a mixture of these three colors characteristic of something cloudy days to cloudy. The term of "painters" is that the great painter Diego Velázquez (Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez) had some predilection for painting those skies in your outdoor pictures.

Diego Velázquez belongs to the Spanish Baroque period and therefore it is very typical of these painters make complex compositions and put great care in details. To give an example of the detail that the painter put in his paintings, in a self-portrait which probably faced a mirror one appreciates the painter staring towards one (towards the mirror) with a palette of paint against a frame of a painting, as one can see the wood grain in the picture and frame door can be seen in the background, with a very significant detail, seems this self-portrait is not finished.

Many wonder why Velázquez felt as comfortable painting this type of heaven. There are at least three explanations for this fact, no longer is curious. The first says that it is precisely due to the baroquish taste of the painter, who seemed best to paint these heavens because it allowed him to "decorate" over the picture.

The second is that color sky that was used at that time was obtained from a rock in particular whose quarries were in Afghanistan and that it was therefore very expensive, thus is a little cheapened the cost of the part.

Another explanation has more to do with the weather of the time, is that in times of Velázquez Europe passed through what is called a 'small age of ice", an era where global temperatures fell to the point that for a long time the skies were cloudy and the painter painted what he saw.

This last argument I find it a little loose, even though like many, because they were not few times that in Velazquez he first painted the main reason and then the funds of his paintings. For example in many of the portraits of Prince Baltasar Carlos, which he performed, he first painted the Prince and then the bottom where it should be, which would not always see or imagine overcast skies. I believe, personally, that in these skies "Velasquez" had a bit of economy and also taste, I had to Velázquez to paint such a heaven.
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