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What is Sociology?

Sociology, as its name implies, is that science which deals with the study of society. For purposes of the study of sociology, is considered in their models that society is made up of a large set of structures and relations, which may be social, political, economic and cultural.

Who cares for carry out studies relating to Sociology is the sociologist, a professional who, through this discipline, shows a keen interest in the problems and social conflicts, both nationally and globally, analyzing them with a critical spirit in all its areas and contexts. As we see, the sociology deals with the study of societies, along with all its transformations and processes, using and creating theories for their proper understanding. In addition, it is that discipline that deals find the techniques and methods that are more effective and appropriate to access these contexts, and thus, be able to intervene them and analyze them.

Through sociology, it is possible to explore, interpret and explain social reality. To obtain these knowledge sociologists they can contribute the information surveyed, and thus propose different options that allow to intervene and make improvements in the reality of the various social groups, as well as different organizations that compose it. On the other hand, the contribution of Sociology allows to improve public and social policies proposed by Governments and private and State institutions.

An active sociologist participates in the elaboration and implementation of social development projects, as well as also conducts analysis and diagnosis of the reality of the various social groups, providing all this knowledge in the most diverse areas, such as politics, education, health, environment, tourism, social, among other movements, becoming an important social actorcapable of providing the information and knowledge that can lead us to greatly improve our social reality.
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