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What is sovereignty?

Sovereignty is a concept that is defined around the power and is understood as the faculty that has each State of exercising power over its system of Government, its territory and its population. This makes, in internal matters, a State, along with the authority in exercise, which are above any other entity.

This concept emerged in the sixteenth and seventeenth century Europe when lay foundations search begins for basing the emergence of new nation States. It adopts this coming term of the word "sovereign" which refers to the lack of control, but is also defined as that boss in charge of a monarchical State. Given the above, sovereignty is a concept that develops in the political arena.

Sovereignty can be considered in two different aspects, one internal and the other external. His inner manner, sovereignty refers to power defined above, which relates to the power of a certain State on its territory and its population. On the other hand, the external character refers to the independence that has a status of power that exercises another, different, in other words a territory and population, a State is in particular sovereign while it does not depend on another State.

On the other hand, sovereignty can be understood from two perspectives, one legal and one political. Legal sovereignty is one through which a State can take contact with the world, with international, through its participation in various international organizations, treated, covenants and diplomatic commitments, among others.

Political sovereignty is that which refers to the power of the State to impose all that which seems necessary. Although think that each State exercises its legal and political sovereignty, it is not so in all Nations. There are cases in which the State can have legal sovereignty, however, their political sovereignty depends on the opinions of other Nations in terms of their social, political and economic development.

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