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What is the Study?

Study is a term that is more than one definition, and also has many implications, as technical concerns, as we will see in the article. One of the definitions refers to the effort and work that lies behind the formation of some discipline. However, the most common use is making reference to the effort that puts a person to know or learn something.

It is from this last definition that many experts have tried to seek ways to study and learn more easily, creating study skills. The above, due to especially for schoolchildren, the subject of study is transformed into a real problem. From this, have developed it from the educational psychology study techniques that facilitate the tasks related to learning.

For experts, paramount at the time of study is to start with a positive disposition to learn, considering that this is not an obligation imposed by a parent or some other kind of authority, but it is a means of personal and professional development. Then, before you begin, it is best organised, i.e. to establish the time that will be devoted to each subject or theme based on certain objectives that arise initially. Later, along with the reading of the issues at stake, it is necessary to carry out certain techniques that facilitate learning, among them is the use of the mnemonics, the underlining of the central ideas, realization of diagrams and summaries, among others. However, regardless of the technique that best suits each student, something primordial is the study environment. This must be a well lighted and ventilated place, a place where there are many stimuli distracting noise in the phone or a television, or also as too eye-catching decorative elements. The best is a quiet and relaxed atmosphere that stimulates concentration who studies.

It is also very important to note that feeding in the study is a factor of some consideration, because if student lunch something very heavy or large amount before being studied, the logical thing is that after a few minutes you feel tired and sleepy. On the other hand, the rest is something very necessary, since we must remember that it is not possible to maintain concentration for very long periods, it is therefore necessary to provide moments of rest, since this promotes faster learning.
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