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What is a Summary Table?

A summary table is a tool used as a learning technique. Those who make one of them can learn certain content with greater ease. It's a box, similar to a scheme, which is characterized by being used to very specific content, organized in a size and shape determined by the key system.

The form of a summary table will begin to be configured from the title of the information that you want to organize, which should be placed on the central side, outside of the great master key. Subsequently, subtitles or subcategories must go positioning itself according to its level of hierarchy, always making use of the keys.

As it is possible to guess, the more effective will be sort the contents from those more General to more individuals using few words, thus is possible that the title of count of the overall theme to be discussed, while after a brief explanation from the subtitles, the more specific contents and basic concepts are clearly defined.

The main objective of a synoptic table will be contribute to the order and organization of concepts, thus facilitating memorization visual via the most important contents of a topic in particular, since it is also quite effective to highlight certain words with different letters in type and size.

When it is putting together a summary table is very helpful previously scoring all those concepts and words that are key in the topic, so it will be easier to make the boxes that allow you to better organize the information. On the other hand, is quite effective for the Organization of the box using lines and arrows that allow you to join the related concepts with a sense among if.

A basic example of summary table:

Types of intelligence} - according to the "emotional"

-According to the criterion no.2...

Synoptic tables can be of great help for those who need to learn certain contents, however, are especially effective for people who have a greater development of visual memory, through the cleanliness and order that the concepts are organized in the role, the brain will have to make one minor effort to fix them in the memory than the person who wants to learn.
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