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What is Surrealism?

The term refers to an artistic and literary movement that was born at the beginning of the twentieth century, although there are always people who find many backgrounds, especially in the era of Baroque art. In Spanish you should write as "surrealism", but the word of French origin "surrealism" is well accepted. André Breton defines the movement as "Psychic automatism, which intends to express verbally, in writing or otherwise, the real functioning of thought, in the absence of any surveillance exercised by reason, outside any aesthetic or moral concern".

It is difficult to explain what they wanted, mainly because they did not want to found a movement, wanted to break with all of the above. They did not want literature, did not want beauty, simply wanted to understand the process of one or more thoughts and if they managed the beauty was purely casual thinking is beauty itself. It was a revolution trying to find a particular method of observing the world. They redefine poetry, novel and theater in literature, likewise the other arts.

The moral crisis that was a direct result of the first world war was the cause and the building through the movement, having a resurgence, precisely because of the same reasons, after the second world war also the second world war served as a cauldron for many artists who were protesting the unnecessary deaths, as it is the case with Pablo Picasso and his mural "Guernica" where protesting the destruction of the first city aviationnow I know that "Guernica" is framed in Cubism, that Picasso is the founder, but the symbolism which expresses the horror, condemnation, destruction and the date of the picture perfectly located it as part of surrealism, likewise the same Picasso has its purely surreal works such as the famous bronze "The cup of Wormwood".

I should explain that many artists and surrealist writers were deeply influenced by political ideas and expressed them in his works and he is notorious as others simply without expressing them let them Screener. It wouldn't be a good article about surrealism if no mention of the incredible Salvador Dali, an extremely educated man of class and eccentric. Its markedly Symbolist and very particular style gives a unique among art. Influence others as the famous Man Ray, in North America and never tired of seeking great people to learn and teach. His influence was so great that even great filmmakers were considered disciples. The surrealist movement persists until today day and many come in many trends of the anime and comics the influence of these great men.
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