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What is a Synthesis?

The concept of synthesis is a concept that can be defined in several ways, depending on the discipline from which being viewed. The above, due strictly, a synthesis is the composition of something based on an analysis of all of its elements separately. However, there is a way, related to literature, learning and the language, which is known as the most common way of understanding what is a synthesis.

A synthesis is commonly also called abstract. In other words, it's the abridged version of some text that a person carries out in order to extract information or the most important contents of a given text.

A synthesis turns out to be a good and effective way of facilitating learning processes. It is a tool that allows who writes it understand and internalize to a greater extent in specific content of interest. It is also a good method of not wasting time in reading little relevant information or having little connection with the focus of the content that is intended to investigate or study.

As we see, a synthesis focuses on the central ideas of a text, however, the construction of one of them is not a simple task. It is important that the synthesis of a text, despite being the work of a different person, is a smaller text that displays the original intention that the author of the text mother wanted to reflect, therefore, it is important not to include new ideas or own perceptions about what it is trying to summarize.

For the realization of a good synthesis recommended is to perform a complete reading of the text, and then a second reading that stresses the central ideas. During the process of rereading it is helpful note the structure of the text, which should contain an introduction, development, and a conclusion. In this way, it will be easier to organize the extracted ideas and draft a new text without changing the intention of the original author.
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