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What is a Thesis?

A thesis is a postulate which, after a process of research, can be sustained as a factual truth, or even scientific, depending on the level and scope of work. Thesis are usually performed in order to obtain certain academic degrees, giving response, through these, to certain research problems. In this way, the thesis would be understood by the response given to this problem, which is not, as usually you think, all of the text, however, as it is conceived in the majority of the academic sector.

While there are several ways to write a thesis, its structure is rather universal in terms of their content and development: an introduction, presents the issues to investigate and the objectives, a theoretical framework, the presentation of the methodology of the study and data collection, analysis, and finally the relevant conclusions. Then we will see more in detail what it means.

First is the introduction. In this part of the thesis, it is necessary to include the presentation of the topic to be investigated as well as the relevance to it. From this it is possible to present the problem together with the respective research question. Even in this first part, it is necessary to justify the need for this investigation, alluding to its relevance, originality, interest and precision, then realize its viability. Then it will be necessary to present a theoretical framework that support to all the tenets on which the research is based. Once completed this part, will need to inform both the objectives and also the specific objectives of the research.

The next step of a thesis is related to the methodological aspects, i.e. information which related to the mode that will carry out the data collection that will provide us the information necessary to respond to the question posed at the beginning. Once obtained these data it will be necessary to analyze them to finally come to the conclusions about the problem and research question.

Although the way in which it is appropriate to produce a thesis has enunciated in a very general manner, there are multiple modes of realizing them, so before you begin will be of utmost importance the thesis report well tax requirements for who has requested it or to who is intended deliver the information obtained.
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