Mussel adhesive protein

The mussels have a property, its great ability to adhere to almost any surface - organic or inorganic - and staying in such adverse conditions such as moisture or the force of the waves, the scientists have decided to imitate to develop different products with medical applications.
The foot of this mollusk secretes a liquid adhesive protein that quickly solidifies and becomes a powerful adhesive waterproof, allowing him to adhere to rocks and other objects. Mimicking this process is developing materials that can be used in the repair or reconstruction of tissues in the body of human beings, in which the presence of water is an obstacle to achieve certain results.
Scientists have long been looking for an adhesive that allows to join tissue during surgery, without resorting to the suture. But it must be a very strong product, that resist moisture, pressure and motion, and that is not toxic to the human body. Could meet all these conditions new biomedical materials inspired by Mussel adhesive protein.

Inspired by Mussel glue applications

The mussel secretes a protein of liquid glue, which quickly solidifies and becomes a powerful water-resistant adhesive
Mussel adhesive protein contains a high concentration of DOPA catecolico amino acid (dihydroxyphenylalanine), and new biomedical materials inspired by the substance produced by the mollusk have been developed with a synthetic form of DOPING. Main applications that can be given to this new glue are:
· Repair of fetal membrane. In the case of rupturing, and to avoid that this situation causes a premature birth or other serious complications, the membrane can be sealed applying this glue, which is effective in wet tissue.
· Administration of anticancer drugs. Training vehicles to deliver drugs that are activated in the presence of the tumor.
· Antibacterial hydrogels. Including it in the composition of these products to be released silver ions that produce the desired antibacterial effect.
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