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A beautiful Princess was looking Consort. Nobles and rich suitors came from everywhere with wonderful gifts: jewelry, land, armies and Thrones... Among the candidates was a young commoner who had more wealth than the love and perseverance. When the time to speak came, he said:

-Princess, you have loved life. As I am a poor man and I have no treasure to give you, I offer my sacrifice as proof of love. I'll be a hundred days sitting under your window, no more food than rain and no more clothes that carry sunsets. This will be my dowry.

The Princess, moved by this gesture of love, decided to accept:

-You will have your chance: If you pass that test, I desposarás.

Thus they spent hours and days. Suitor remained outside of the Palace, enduring the Sun, winds, snow, and freezing nights. Without batting an eyelid, with the eyes fixed on the balcony of his beloved, the brave minion continued to firm in their efforts falter momentarily.

Occasionally the actual window curtain would show through the slender figure of the Princess, who with a noble gesture and a smile passed the task. Everything was going swimmingly, became betting and some optimists began planning the festivities.

Arriving the ninety-nine day, the settlers of the area came to animate to the next monarch. Everything was joy and revelry, but when an hour was missing to meet the deadline, before the astonished gaze of the assistants and the perplexity of the Princess, the young man stood up and without giving any explanation, slowly walked away from the place where it had been one hundred days.

A few weeks later, while wandering along a lonely road, a child of the region reached it and asked him point blank:

-What you did? You were a step to achieve the goal, why you lost that opportunity? Why you withheldest?.

With deep dismay and tears badly disguised, the commoner answered in a low voice:

-The Princess not saved me a day of suffering, not even an hour. Did not deserve my love.

When we are willing to give the best of ourselves as proof of affection or loyalty, even at the risk of losing our dignity, we deserve at least one word of encouragement or understanding. People can become worthy of the love that is offered.
Translated for educational purposes

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