Protein from whey, a plus for your muscles

We tell you the pros and cons of a classic of the weight rooms, whey protein, a supplement based on isolated from whey, a protein of high biological value used in the muscle gain.

Whey protein

Whey protein is the name in English of the whey protein. It is a terminology that is most often used in the world of sport, both in training and in competition, especially in those related to bodybuilding.
This protein complex obtained from cow's milk during the process where this food is transformed into cheese, since on the one hand the solid ingredients of milk forming the mass of cheese, especially fat and casein are obtained and, on the other hand, gets the whey, which is a very rich globular proteins (lactalbumin liquid(, serum albumin, etc). This serum only contains nothing more than a solution of proteins in water.
This protein is good quality or high biological value, which means that it contains all the components that are called essential amino acids, i.e., essential to life, that the body is not able to synthesize from other precursor components and need to compulsorily take abroad. For this same reason, it also described this as complete protein.
In general, the protein of high quality, excellent value of essential amino acids and good assimilation by our body, is albumin or protein with greater presence in the egg, specifically in egg white. From the quality of this protein is prepared a list to compare the best or worst quality of the rest of the protein. As well, according to this classification, whey protein is among the highest in this protein tops list.
The main function of the proteins, including the Globular, main components of whey protein, is the formation of tissues for the growth and recovery of the organs in the body. It is as if the proteins were the bricks with which our body is built. This is known as structural function or plastic.

How and when to take whey protein

Taking supplements of whey protein is indicated for athletes who train with intensity level medium/high and are not able to restore or increase your muscle mass with the oral diet well adapted and personalized. Bodybuilding, athletics, weightlifting, are disciplines in which this protein supplementation is more appropriate.
The best time for consumption of whey protein supplementation appears to be immediately after the practice of physical exercise. This is when the muscles of athletes more have suffered, and are more susceptible to incorporate new components to its structure. There are authors who believe that the fractional socket of this protein throughout the day improves its effectiveness to settle more staggered into the muscle, although they agree that a of outlets is made after the exercise to make for a greater and faster muscle recovery.
However, you should never forget that it is a supplement and will within a daily diet and spending activity. By this we mean that it is possible that already obtained all the necessary nutrients for the perfect sports and the best possible performance from the power. Only when this does not happen, it is when taking this supplement may be recommended.
To find out if whey protein consumption is suitable or not, should consult with a healthcare professional that evaluates requirements and diet that follows a person on a regular basis, and only taking the product in the event that this professional health, independent and non-committed interest, assess the usefulness of its use. The calculation of how much take is personal, and is associated with many factors that you need to study.

Benefits of whey protein

It assimilation of whey protein is relatively easy and its use by our very efficient body. This is the main reason that the whey proteins may be of interest in processes of protein malnutrition (in places or times of scarcity or absence of protein foods of good quality, or in situations in which needs grow).
Some of the situations in which the extra intake of this protein can be beneficial are:
· Recovery from severe energy or protein restriction diets. These situations may be self-imposed or involuntary.
· Stages of wear and extra growth.
· Who are studying with destruction of body tissues and pathologies that generate lot of stress a person: Burns, trauma, grafts, cancer treatments, etc.
· Wound healing and recovery from surgery.

Benefits of whey protein for athletes

In sports, one of the main uses for whey protein It is related to the ability to repair damaged muscle fibers during exercise and the integration of parts of this product to the muscle of the sporty person, especially after training or competition. Preferably used in strength sports, typically anaerobic.
However, a proper protein intake which meets the needs of each individual assures better health and performance, but must always be associated with the socket correctly and safely to other nutrients, and an amount of energy in the form of calories, Basic. It is a typical example of a poorly posed hypocaloric diet. If we reduce excess caloric content of a diet in order to achieve rapid and little physiological and lasting, thinning based on both lowering the amount of fat and carbohydrate foods protein may not be devoted to its most characteristic, the structural function, this will have to be used in energy productionthat it is more urgent and much protein that we provide, will not go destined to regain or increase muscle mass which, on the contrary, will be reduced significantly.
The effect attributed to the adjuvant as possible weight loss milk whey protein is not as miraculous as some texts promise. Its effect is that it's a satiating product. And this is true, but not to a greater extent than other proteins that are more or less free of fats and sugars. One of the characteristics of proteins is its greatest effect control the feeling of hunger compared to other nutrients. Between this, and the myth that taking protein whey, and how much more better, adelgazaremos as if by magic, there is much difference.
Regarding other benefits related to the buttermilk, there is no sufficient data contrasted to make it sure. It is one thing to help the protein recovery in some diseases, and quite another that prevents against these processes. It is true that it is investigating in this sense, but still expect conclusive published results.

Contraindications and risks of whey protein

Taking supplements of whey protein can be a resource in concrete situations and recovery or the training to increase muscle tone, as we explained in paragraph three. However, the consumption of this product is not exempt from some contraindications, which should be know and appreciate, and not always be really necessary.
The phase of the whey contains mainly globular proteins; Carbohydrates or fats. For this reason, it can be difficult to find sensitive lactose intolerances to quantities trace, i.e. minimum, which contains whey protein. However, it is a point to consider in the case of people with very sensitive or virulent intolerance and whose lactose tolerance is minimal.
Most of the cow's milk protein allergies are caused by casein, which is another protein contained in milk but that the serum is practically non-existent. But the possibility, presence of casein in whey, both of globular proteins allergy, is there, so it will have to be closely monitored this risk. Read labels, discard any product where its composition, is not clear and be conservatives against not-well-known brands, attitudes of common sense can save us more than one annoyance.
Tolerance and taking advantage of the consumption of protein the body has a limit. Once past this point, excess protein that may have occurred must be eliminated. In addition, proteins possess molecular structure and a fairly high weight, rather than other components of food, and therefore the Elimination of the body through the urine requires its dissolution in element fluid, causing large water loss and kidney work extra.
If there are alterations or kidney base problems, taking protein supplements must be very guarded. Get advice from professionals with experience and rigor, and follow their instructions at all times.
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