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A teacher wanted to teach a special lesson to his students, and this gave them the opportunity to choose between three exams: one of fifty questions, one of forty and one thirty. The thirty put to those who chose a "C", no matter that they had correctly answered all questions. Put those who chose the of forty "B", even though more than half of the answers were wrong. And put to those who chose that of fifty "A", although they had been wrong in nearly all.

As the students did not understand anything, the teacher explained to them: "Dear students: Let me tell you that I was not considering their knowledge, but their willingness to aim at the top".

When we aim high, we are closer to our dreams than if we are satisfied with small goals.

Maythem jumps Haon, Club Rotarac Guayaquil West, district 4400 contribution. Ecuador, 8 September 2000.
Translated for educational purposes

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