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Two birds were perched on a branch during a snowfall, and began to talk:

-Tell me, what is the weight of a snowflake? -tit bird asked the wild Dove.

-Almost anything - was the answer.

-In this case, before I go let me tell you a wonderful story - replied the charcoal. At the start of this winter I posed on the branches of a fir tree. It wasn't a hard winter, and having no other thing to do, I started to count the snowflakes that were settled in the twigs and leaves of my stem. Their exact number was 3.741.952. When the last snowflake was deposited over the branch, without that nothing happened, this broke - he said the bird, and flying away.

The Dove was reflecting on that story awhile and finally said:

-Perhaps only one more person voice is needed to bring peace to the world.

This narration of Joseph Jarowski helps us to reflect on the fact that the leader is composed of a range of values and behaviors that build up and integrated into all so-called leadership toward the service.

The story is also suitable to designate that everyone can, in one way or another, build gradually and simultaneously a leadership for peace. All snowflakes add: social projects, forums about coexistence, 'not again', the various actions to promote tolerance and the disarmament of the spirits, the workshops of solidarity, civic actions, NGOs in the struggle for human rights...

In this new perspective, synchronize the yearnings with the means and actions for peace is to create a synergy of undeniable impact in the life of the country.

Joseph Jarowski, synchronicity. The inner path of leadership. Barcelona, Paidós-Plural, 1999.
Translated for educational purposes

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