Summer camps for kids

Summer camps for kids

Summer is here and with it the time expected of the year for the smallest of the House: vacation. They have ahead more than two months of fun and games, but for parents who work outside the home is not always easy to reconcile their working hours and holidays of children. In addition to turning to grandparents, we propose you different options of summer camps with which your children enjoy your holiday at the same time learn and socialize with other children.

Benefits in the development and social skills

Indeed, summer camps are a perfect opportunity so children can learn a series of very important values for your day to day and develop their social skills, since during the time that duran - from a weekend to a month - they will be outside their usual environment and will have to interact with other children without their parents or people who normally make up their immediate environment.
Through the different activities offered, the child will ripen and improve their communication skills, since you will have to express itself only to express their needs, you'll also learn how to work in Group and, thus, to live together, to listen to the opinions of others and to respect them.

From what age point them to the camp?

In addition, the type of activity carried out, there is one issue which is indispensable when it comes to enrolling them in one camp or another, referring to the age of the children. He thinks that it is not schools or kindergartens, but that they are centres that are carried out numerous activities that often require that children have a minimum age, although they are always supervised by specialized instructors.
In general, enrollment in summer camps is from the four or five years, although there are some centres that support children in three years. So if your children are under that age, chances are that you have to resort to a nursery or children's Centre and wait until next summer to enroll in a camp.

Types of summer camps

For a long time, children's summer camps have been associated to the rural area and all activities related to the field, but currently, although there are still camps for children to interact with the environment, you'll also find a myriad of types of camps more for the summer. You only have to find which best suits your needs and the kids:

Languages camps
For example, if you want to learn languages today already counts with language immersion camps so that children become familiar with English while playing and having fun, some of them even have native teachers. In this sense, and thinking about the older, if you want to improve your English you can choose even an international destination through the many options of stays abroad that there are, for example, the United States summer camps.

Camps in the open air
They are the most popular camps, in them the guys escape for a few days in the city and come into contact with a natural environment in which to enjoy the countryside, animals, activities related to the care of a farm... Also there are type boys scouts, who teach the little games of coping and survival to small-scale, always under the prism of the fun and camaraderie-building.

Camps in the city
Another alternative, increasingly demanded, is the urban camps. The best of this type of camp is that, in the absence of the risk involved in outdoor activities, many of them tend to lower the age for admission to the two, or even three years. In this sense, there is more fun options, for example, theatre, circus or dance workshops.

Sports camps
This type of camps can be MultiSport, in which kids learn and have fun practicing a lot of sporting activities, from other popular sports such as archery, climbing or rafting; or there is also dedicated to a single sport, like surf or the given by some famous athlete (such as football or basketball summer schools) or dedicated to a specific discipline, such as the nautical activities, where practice sailing, rowing, kite-related...

What set to choose summer camp

When choosing a summer camp for your children, not only keep in mind the perfect combination of leisure and learning through activities that take place during his stay there, or if such activities are appropriate or not for his age, but a number of requirements that are equally important or more.
If you decide to send your children to a camp it is because you are sure that they will enjoy this activity. I.e., that they have sufficient maturity to be separated from you for a few days.
In the case of young children, in addition to this factor, must take into account other as they are, for example, if or not he controls their sphincters, if it is self-contained for lunch and if he eats everything, if it is sociable and if you sleep well, i.e. If you do not suffer from nightmares or night terrors.
Besides all this, it is undoubtedly very important that met the minimum requirements of safety and hygiene which must take account of all the spaces intended for minors. And, of course, they must have a license in force for the development of its activities and trained personnel to work with children.
Last, but not least, it is that you look for a place that is according to your ideas and you can not overlook the fact that during the period the camp kids will acquire a series of values and it is better that these values, to the extent possible, be in line with which you're inculcating in them to the kids at home.
Our advice: find out if previous meetings for parents held in which you tell in detail what is the camp and the activities carried out. Without a doubt, this will be the best way to make sure that you choose the best camp for your children.

Cost and duration of the summer camps

In terms of the price of the summer camps and their duration, these will depend largely on activities carried out. Since we find camps ranging from one week to one month.
With respect to the duration, the best way to decide on one or the other, is you do it according to the age and maturity of your child because it is not just as easy to be separated for some time from their parents for all children.
In general, camps whose duration is greater than the week have dates for parents visiting their children and share with them some of the activities planned by the camp.
In terms of cost, because it is evident that lasts the more camp, more expensive it will be and the price will also depend largely on the activities carried out. The average ranges between €200 for stays of one week and €600 for 15 days.
No doubt, the best in this case is to start planning summer time vacation and use the advantages that the Internet offers us to search and compare options of camps that interest you.
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