Tanorexia: Overexposure to the Sun dangerous consequences

A tanorexico is a person who has the perception that your skin is never Brown and, therefore, dodges it to Sun or UV rays. An obsession that entails many dangers.


Until not long ago, he had to wait for the arrival of the summer to brag about tanning. However, the emergence on the market of tanning booths brought the deseasonalisation that, as desired, cinnamon color. But stubbornness have a brown skin has reached such an extent that, for some people, has become an obsession. In fact, has given rise to the emergence of a psychological disorder called tanorexia (English tan - Tan-).
This term arose in 2005 in the American Academy of Dermatology and refers to a disorder in the perception of the body. If in diseases such as anorexia or bulimia, a person believes have a weight on top than it does in reality, when we speak of tanorexia we refer to a dismorfobia (excessive preoccupation with a physical defect, either real or imaginary) in which the person has the perception that your skin is never Brown and, therefore, dodges it to Sun or UV.

How to detect the tanorexia

The profile of the person who suffer from tanorexia is a woman between 17 and 35 who, despite having a color of skin moreno, always will be paler than it actually is. For this reason, it is exposed to the Sun's insistent way reaching rub unsightly limits and that can be dangerous to health.
When it comes to recognize if someone you have or not tanorexia, suffice it to observe his physical appearance and behavior. Among the most common of the tanorexia symptoms, there are:
· A skin tanned too.
· The foregoing derives a premature aging of the skin. Its appearance is rough, is dehydrated, fine lines are very marked, it is rough and even thicker.
· These patients have a high degree of anxiety at the prospect of losing the acquired Tan.
· Who come often to tanning is the most normal.
· It is also frequent that compete with those who are to her around to see who is more moreno.
· They always manifest that your skin is pale or that it is not as dark as they would like.

Consequences of Sun overexposure

There is no doubt that moderate sunbathing brings important benefits to our body. The first, and perhaps most important, is that it helps us to carry out vital functions as the synthesize vitamin D.
But despite these beneficial contributions, we must not forget that if we exceed, you can report us serious damage. In fact, overexposure to sunlight entails, first, the serious risk of skin burns. It also has negative long-term effects, such as premature aging derived from a deep skin dehydration, elastosis - early and incurable skin aging - and other more serious harm as it is cancer.
In this sense, each year are diagnosed in Spain more than 50,000 cases of skin cancer, and of those, more than three thousand correspond to melanoma, which is the more serious and aggressive of such tumors, according to recent studies by the Association for the self-care of health certified.
Melanoma and other skin cancers
Melanoma, derived from Sun overexposure, is just the tip of the iceberg since taking the Sun in excess can cause other many pathologies. The case of skin cancer would be nonmelanoma. It is a cancer that is less deadly than the previous but that if it is not treated properly can spread by the body. As in other types of cancer, the chances of cure, if detected at an early stage and received proper treatment, are quite high.
Other pathologies are basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas. Both are cancerous tumors of the skin and its manifestation is in the form of nodules or lumps. While the latter may lead to metastasis, the first not tend to spread even if severely damage our body since, at times, they come to penetrate to the bone.
In this regard, it is important to frequently check our skin to detect changes in the morphology of moles or possible injury. If the case that we observe any anomaly, we must go to a dermatologist because early detection of melanoma is essential for healing.
Other injuries
In addition to those mentioned above, the prolonged exposure to UV rays may cause another series of injuries. Among them, are:
· Skin conditions such as Actinic Keratosis - appearance of lumps on the skin areas exposed to the Sun - and premature aging of the skin.
· Cataract, degeneration macular and other eye injuries.
· Inhibition of normal functioning immune system both body and your skin's natural defenses.

Treatment for the tanorexia

To treat the tanorexia, this obsession to find the perfect color of skin, as it happens with other dismorfobias, the best practice is to resort to a physician specializing in this type of behavior that, in general, tends to be a psychologist.
In addition to this treatment, and according to the damage caused to the skin, it may be necessary to regenerate it through specialized cosmetic products that help to recover part of its hydration and elasticity.
On the other hand, it must not forget that it must be exposed to the Sun in a healthy way, i.e., not doing so during the Central hours of the day, protecting us with the sunscreen suitable for each situation and type of skin and taking into account that the Tan should be progressive, especially during the first few days to prevent redness and burns.

Tanofobia, the other side of the coin

The tanofobia is a condition that would be an irrational Sun fear to the point that causes problems in the body. The first of these is the lack of vitamin D and, derived from this, bone problems or risk of developing certain types of cancer that are associated with the lack of this vitamin.
In addition, you must not forget that sunlight brings important emotional benefits. Among them, brings positivity and avoids sorrow and decay.
As is the case with the tanorexia, the tanofobia is a problem requiring psychological treatment to get the total recovery of the person who suffers from it.
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