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This was a huge Apple tree to which a child loved very much. Every day playing to her around, he climbed to the top, ate fruit and took a NAP under his shadow. The tree also loved him very much.

Time passed, the child grew up and did not return to play around the tree. One day he returned and heard this said with sadness:

-Do you come play with me?

But the boy replied:

-I am no longer the child before playing around the trees. Now I want to have toys, and I need money to buy them.

-I'm sorry - he said the tree-. I don't have money, but I suggest you to take all my apples and bands; so you can buy your toys.

The boy took the apples, obtained money and felt happy. Also the tree was happy, but the boy did not return. Some time later, when he returned, the tree asked him:

-Do you come play with me?

-I don't have time to play; I work for my family and I need a House for my wife and children. Can you help me?

Sorry - said the tree. I have a House, but you can't cut my branches and build your House.

The man cut all the branches of the tree, which felt happy, and did not return. True a warm summer day, returned. The tree was delighted.

-Do you come play with me? -asked.

-I feel sad, I am getting old. I want a boat to sail and relax, would you give it to me?

The tree answered:

-Use my trunk to build one; so you can surf and be happy.

The man cut the trunk, built his boat and went to browse for a long time. He returned after many years and the tree said:

-I'm sorry, but I don't have anything to give, not even apples.

The man replied:

-I don't have teeth to bite force or to scale, I'm old.

Then the tree, crying, said:

-Actually I can't give you anything. The only thing I have are my dead roots.

And the man answered:

-Do not need much now, just a place to rest. I'm tired after so many years...

-Good - he said the tree, the old roots of a tree are the best place to sit and relax. Come, sit with me and rest.

The man sat next to the tree and this, cheerful and smiling, dropped some tears.

This is the story of each one of us: the tree are our parents. Of children, we love them and play with them. As we grow we leave them alone; We will return to them when we need them, or when we are in trouble. No matter what, they are always there to give us everything they can and make us happy. You may think that the boy is cruel to the tree but is not as well as we treat our parents sometimes.

Contribution of Andrés Bernal, Lima.
Translated for educational purposes

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