The deaf frog | Anecdotes, parables and organizational reflections

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Contents Parables and stories to teach values

A group of frogs traveling through the forest, when suddenly two of them fell into a deep well. The others gathered around the hole and, when they saw the depth that was told falls that, for practical purposes, they should be taken for dead. However, they were trying to leave pit with all his strength. The others were told that those efforts would be useless.

Finally, one of the frogs responded to what the others said, was beaten and died. The other continued jumping hard as he could. The crowd was screaming that it was useless but frog was jumping, each time with more force, until finally he came out of the pit. The others asked him: "Do not hear what I said?" The frog them explained that was deaf, and believed that the others it were encouraging from the edge to strive is more and more for out of the hollow.

The word has the power of life and death. A voice of encouragement to someone who feels discouraged can help you to end your day, while a negative word can end up destroying it. Any can say words that Rob to them others the spirit that les allows continue the fight in the middle of times difficult. We be careful with what we say, but above all what we hear.
Translated for educational purposes