The diet of the summer, fresh and healthy ideas

As soon as the heat press we are more time away from home, we crave cold food and do not want to spend the day cooking. Takes note of our advice to eat healthy this holiday.

The diet of the summer

Summer wouldn't be the same without those catchy songs and of dubious quality that sound on all train in the markets and beach bars. If we look at their titles, not always advise us well with what should be feeding in summer: mayonnaise; the beach or the barbecue, are some examples. Following this path, a very frequent at this time error, especially among young people, is the resort almost every day to junk food, to be cheap and fast. However, there are many delicious, fresh and healthy alternatives and allow feed properly without leaving trace in your pocket.
Whether for eating out, under the cool of a fan or to the beach Sun options to eat well and not finish the summer with a few kilillos more because of bad habits are numerous. You must only aware that it is possible to feed yourself otherwise, adapting you to rate and climatic conditions of the holiday without sacrificing health and palate. Takes note of how to achieve this with our summer diet.

Salads, your partner for summer

Salads are the strong point of the Mediterranean diet, are adapted to the tastes of each, have great content in water and nutrients, provide few calories, satisfy hunger and moisturize our skin, what more could you ask?
Ideal for all year round, but especially in this hot season, can take them as single Bowl (choose with some protein - meat, fish or egg - and some carbohydrates, for example, rice, pasta or croutons), before or after the main course, or as an accompaniment to the main course.
If you are worried about the happiness curve, it is best that you monitor the seasonings, the most recommended are that are composed of the trio par excellence: the lemon, vinegar or olive oil, and salt. You can also make vinaigrettes home with different types of vinegar, fruits or herbs. Be careful with the most calorie sauces and quantities.

Unique for summer dishes

Few want to cook tend to be frequent when you are on vacation or has just come from the beach or the pool with hunger to skin flower. In these cases, opting for a single dish also can be a good choice. Here are some tasty proposals, which also are very healthy and little calorie.
· Grilled fish with a julienne of vegetables and potatoes
· Fillet of beef with a rice salad and tomato slices
· Sautéed with mushrooms, prawns and tomato egg.
In this way we make a meal with their ration of vegetables, grains and protein, balanced without adding excess fat such as fried foods, the pre-cooked, or sauces.

Pulling sandwich

Occasionally, or if you are going to spend the day with friends or children on the beach or doing some excursion, you can resort to the sandwiches or snacks, provided they are balanced. It monitors the more fatty sausages. The best is that combines a source of protein (meat, fish or egg) with vegetables, and to use whole wheat or Multigrain.
Need ideas? The classic vegetable with lettuce, tuna, tomato, asparagus, a drizzle of olive oil and salt. The omelet with cheese, tuna, or alone, with a few slices of tomato. The veal roast with green asparagus. Of tuna, hard boiled egg and canons, and a long etcetera.

Cold soups, creams and liquids

Excess heat and high temperatures make is a higher risk of dehydration and the natural signal that we do not always have thirst is a reliable indicator. To avoid drops of tension or dizziness you drink plenty of fluids, it is recommended taking two liters of water throughout the day, although you can also help vegetables and fresh fruit, which are rich in water. Variety is the spice, so get your fridge to take color and fill it with juices, iced tea, drinks refreshing low-sugar, beats natural, horchata and slush.
The soup is now taken cold
We will pay homage to cold soups, those that help us to achieve optimum levels of hydration and are packed with vitamins and minerals only in their own dish. Still don't know what we mean? As gazpacho's lifetime (or watermelon for the coolest), vichyssoise (or cream of Leek for which suspended in French), Zucchini, cucumber and yoghurt cream (we're with you cucumber!) or the ajoblanco. Get the Blender to feel as a protagonist in your kitchen.

Fruit and sweet summer treats

Fresh fruit It is a good choice and can be eaten at any time. If you choose the of season (plum, cherry, watermelon, pear, melon, papaya...) you will see increased its nutritional value and its beneficial effects on the organism, and its price is also lower. Fruits typical of the summer, to have matured with the Sun, are richer in vitamins and antioxidant bioactive compounds.
Remember that you recommended consumption of three pieces of fruit a day. Once you get to peel fruit, takes advantage of and get great salads and season them with orange juice, so there will always be ready to eat fruit. Also you can leave made some skewers varied chopping or for children, see how they disappear! The shakes are another natural choice take fruit and drink water, put a yogurt or milk and will be more nutritious.
A must for the summer are the ice cream, you can make them home putting any milk or tea fruit juice, put the liquid in a special mold with a stick and into the freezer. You will have a very natural ice, without additives or colouring additives Lolly. And if you are caring for your line, always select ice cream of water against the dairy base, which contain more fats and sugars.

Tan from the table!

No doubt the second in the ranking of the lists of purposes of the summer, behind the lose weight, is the get an enviable moreno. Without becoming obsessed, we can fill the fridge of foods rich in antioxidants that prevent the cantly and provide a healthy and long-lasting Tan.
Carrot, tomato, peach or red fruit (strawberries, watermelon, cherries) are fruits rich in antioxidants, carotenoids and vitamins A, E and C, nutrients that help us to stop the action of free radicals and prevent the effects of aging caused by the Sun's rays.
Rich in vitamin A are also animal fats such as butter, cream, dairy integers or egg yolk (care because they are very calorie foods).
The Kings of vitamin C are fruits like oranges, kiwi, currant, lemon or grapefruit, while products rich in vitamin E are olive oil, avocado and corn.

Risk in summer foods

High temperatures can play us a trick with certain foods, since they are the ideal crop for the development of food infections, such as salmonella, botulinum toxin, or the sadly famous Escherichia coli. To avoid them:
· Pay special attention to the egg and the foods prepared with him (mayonnaise, Custard pies, custard, clear whites). Use only eggs conveniently packaged, labeled and purchased at licensed premises. Keep them in the fridge since its acquisition until the time in which to be used. At that time, you must wash the shell and be especially careful to not fall pieces is not in the clear either in yolk.
· Mayonnaise. Use clean and without breaks eggs and add a few drops of lemon or vinegar to favour its conservation. Don't put it other food until they have cooled down, in order to prevent the growth of germs. If you don't want to complicate, best thing is to buy it already made.
· The dairy products and their derivatives (yogurt, cheese, ice cream, desserts...) attempts to consume it pasteurized or UHT, showing and that are kept in cold.
· The salad should be well washed, can use to disinfect them bleach suitable for consumption.
· Wash fruits and vegetables well and prevents cross-contamination with other foods. A solution is to take the cooked vegetables and fruit without skin.
· Long eye to the fish and meat dishes which are eaten raw (sushi, Carpaccio, tartare), sausages and luncheon meats.
· The meat and fish should be thoroughly cooked, especially if you consume them away from home.
· If you're going to take seafood, buy a trust establishment and look that meets certain standards of hygiene, make sure it is fresh and take it the same day.
· If you are traveling to an exotic country, assesses the quality of the water, and if you doubt, it is best to consume it bottled or treated with chemicals suitable for consumption.
· Be careful also with the ice, drinks, salads, vegetables or fruit make raw and have been washed. Bacteria in drinking water can cause us diarrhea and stomach ailments.
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