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A man loses his job. Then look for several months, he learns that Microsoft need sweepers. Industrial relations manager asks you your data, observed him sweeping, congratulates him and tells him: "the job is yours. Of me your e-mail, to let know you the day and time that must arise".

The man, disconsolate, answers that do not have e-mail, and the industrial relations manager tells him that he regretted so much but that if you don't have e-mail, virtually does not exist, and that, as there is no, you can not give the work.

Man get desperate, doesn't know what to do, and only have $250 in his pocket. He then decides to go to the market's supply of fruits and vegetables and buy a crate of tomatoes of 10 kg. It will house home selling a kilo of tomatoes for $5. In less than two hours you have doubled your money; Repeat the other three times, dinner at a small restaurant and returns home with $150.

He realizes that that way he can survive, and every day comes early and returns later. So it doubles, triples and even quadruples the money in a single day. With a little luck he manages to buy a van, which a year later changes by a truck; at age three, he has a small fleet of transport.

After five years, the good man is owner of one of the principal distributors of food in the country. It then receives an insurance agent, and at the end of the conversation, this asks the employer to give your email address to send you the policy. The man replied that he does not have e-mail, and the actor says:

-If you do not have e-mail and came to build this empire, I don't want to imagine what would be if I had you.

And the good man replica:

-It would be Microsoft sweeper.

Moral 1. Internet does not solve the life.

2 moral. If you work on your own and you're lucky, you can be a millionaire.

3 moral. If you want to be Microsoft Sweeper, it is better to have e-mail.

Corollary. If you get this message by e-mail, it is likely you are closer to being Microsoft Sweeper that billionaire.
Translated for educational purposes

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