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No one reaches the goal with one shot, perfect life with a single correction or reaches height with a single flight. Nobody walks the life without having walked many times false.

Nobody collects vintage try many flavors, burying many seeds and pay lot of land. Nobody looks the life without cow often gets into the boat without fear of the storm or reach port without rowing many times.

Nobody feels the love without tasting her tears, or collect roses without feeling their spines. Nobody does works without hammering on your building, or cultivated friendship without sacrificing himself. No one comes to the other side without having made bridges to pass. No one leaves the lustrous soul without daily life Polish.

No one can judge without first knowing its own weakness. No one gets his ideal without have thought many times that pursuing an impossible. No one knows the opportunity until it passes by his side and let it go. Nobody found the well of pleasure to walk by the thirst of the desert.

But nobody stops arriving, when the clarity of a gift, the growth of the will, the abundance of life, the power to perform and impulse itself have. No one no longer burn with fire inside without knowing what is the warmth of friendship. Nobody stops when really he intends it.

If you take everything you have and trust in you, push yourself, because you're going to get!
Translated for educational purposes

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