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On one occasion, during my second semester in the school of nursing, the teacher made us a surprise test. I quickly read all questions, until you reach the last one: "What is called the woman who cleans the school?"

Surely it was a joke. I had seen many times to the woman who was cleaning the school. She was tall, with dark hair, about 50 years, but how would know his name? I gave the test without answering the last question.

Before the end of the class, someone asked the teacher if that question would count for the qualification. "Definitely - I replied. Careers you will meet many people. They are all important. "They deserve your attention and care, even if you just smile at them and say: Hello!"

I never forgot that lesson, and I knew then that her name was Dorothy. We are all important.

This is a crash course in human relations at work. By the way, already the same question did?

* Contribution of Sebastián Núñez and Lucía Posada, version of Tché Souto. The subject has been mentioned by Gonzalo Gallo in a management course.
Translated for educational purposes

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