Travel with kids, tips for the journey

Boredom, dizziness, hunger... when long-distance trips are made with children can arise some other mishap. We give you tips so they will not suffer and the road is safe and enjoyable.

Travel with children

Boredom, dizziness, hunger... when making long-distance trips with children can arise some other mishap. With the psychologist Montse Tremolosa opinions and recommendations of various blogs of child health experts have developed this series of tips for the children to suffer as little as possible in long distance and road routes is more safe and enjoyable:
· Good planning: when traveling with children, if we want to avoid mishaps and unexpected scares agrees that we should firmly closed planning before leaving home with suitcases in hand. Ten clear path to follow.
· The journey begins early: this way the children will be sleeping much of the way.
· Keep them entertained: books, toys, video game consoles or, if your car has portable dvd, children's film can be good choices to make the trip them short and fun. That Yes, avoid all those who make too much noise and can disturb the driver.
· Participates with them: while one parent leads, the other can go singing with children, inventing games with them or telling them stories so that they are quiet. You can stimulate your imagination and creativity with riddles, puzzles, games of observation...
· To be chilly: spend hours stuck in the car is stressful for everyone. Try the temperature and the environment enjoyable, moisturize them well during the trip, use sunscreens on rear windows and bring comfortable clothes.
· That know the way: explain before leaving will be the journey, how much like hard or where will spend will help them to be more aware and calm. In addition, go following the tour map and knowing some of the sites that you cross can be a way to entertain them.
· Something to chop: should always carry something to eat prepared to avoid having to stop at every gas station if enters the small hunger or thirst. The most appropriate, even if you ask for out snacks, is having some fruit, nuts or salted cookies. Thinks that the sweets or very sugary foods can prevent them and cause nervousness and uneasiness, the opposite of what you are looking for.
· Rest when needed: every two hours maximum. It is not bad check prior to the Guide to know where are we going to stop and look to see if the place has areas for them to stretch the legs or run a little.

Security measures in travel with children

For the trip with the children go on wheels should have in mind some basic safety precautions. Remember that "being proactive vale for two":

The safety of your loved ones is above all
Therefore, it is important that, in addition to drive cautiously, follow the traffic rules and make timely breaks, the State of the car is correct. For this, do you a thorough review to automobile a few days before the holidays.

Don't forget the mobile
Always carry around a cellphone, possibly with a charger that you can adapt to the car cigarette lighter, so do not run out of battery when more you need it. You should of course not speak by mobile while driving, unless you have a bluetooth or hands-free system.

Rule documentation
By what might happen, you should carry all the documentation of the vehicle by hand, as well as the insurance company contact phone if you necesitarais roadside assistance at some point. Not forget Social Security primers.

A small first aid kit
It is not more to carry a first aid kit with everything you need to make a first cure where there is some kind of incident in the luggage compartment or bag. You know that children locked up in small spaces are prone to small accidents (cuts, dizziness...).

Baby seat
Children must be well seated in his chair or cuckoo. Keep in mind that these devices must be homologated (with ECE R44/04 identification), adapt to the child's weight and be perfectly anchored in the car. To place them, the child's head should rest comfortably in the back of the seat.

It should be completely in the trunk, this way we will avoid carrying things next to the seats of small that could collide with them in the corners or in the case of volantazos. In addition, they will be more comfortable and feel less burdened.

Tricks to make children not mareen trip

Some children are very prone to motion sickness when traveling. If this is the case of yours should be that you ask for advice to your pediatrician so recommend you medication that better going to counter it. There are also some things you can do to prevent child maree is the first hurdle to clear:
· Drive prudently and maintaining distances, never suddenly braking and accelerations.
· You do not give to children before starting solid foods, soft drinks or milk. The best that they not take on an empty stomach are dried fruits and carbohydrates.
· From time to time give something to drink, preferably sugar-sweetened drinks.
· More than three years old children can already take some candy or gum kid travel.
· Vent the drive before starting the journey, and along the way keep the airy drive.
· It is preferable not to use air fresheners in the vehicle if the smell can stun them. For the same reason, you should avoid using inside the car perfume of intense aromas.
· Reading can get dizzy to children, as well as some games that require that they concentrate their view, in those cases is preferable to look out the window and enjoy the landscape. They can entertain themselves counting cars by colors, branding the cities that you pass a map, etc.
· Always hand carry any bag to be used quickly to small want to vomit.
· If you travel by plane, choose seats at the height of the wings for him, since in these areas feel less movement and turbulence. And recommend to look forward.
· If you travel by boat or Cruiser, try do not place it on the deck and which go not overlooking the sea. Ideally, choose a seat as central as possible or on the back.
If the child has already been dizzy...
If your son is tide despite having followed all these tips, it is best that you stop as soon as possible, always in a safe place where you can leave the vehicle, and that you air. Then - should you go prepared for these cases--put a cloth or wet washcloth on his forehead. When you are a little better you can give something nice and cool water sweetened, so drink it in small SIPs.

How to choose your child seat when traveling

When you have to resort to other means of transport that is not car, there is a fundamental point when planning the trip: choose the seat of children. To do so, should have some notions of the policies of the companies of transport with respect to the seats for kids: in Spain, children under two years old are babies, who do not need to travel with own seat in any type of transport and they are permitted to travel in the arms of an adult.
If you prefer to get an own seat for what comfort thinks that they will charge you the same rate that children aged between two and twelve years. This amount may vary depending on the company you choose and of course, the destination that you check, but to guide you, generally is that on domestic flights be applied a 50% discount off the adult ticket price. This discount is usually reduced to 33% on international flights.
If you go by plane, the most advisable is to reserve the seats from the front or the closest to the outputs, that are usually together with wings, since they have more space to stretch, move the legs or go to the bathroom, and in addition, if your child is naughty you will avoid that they disturb the front.
By other side, If you are going to travel by train or bus, keep in mind that many companies only allow travel with babies in arms, since they have neither wall nor specific security systems for babies or allow riding them up their seats. Of course there are exceptions and some coach companies to long trips include systems of fixation, query this point before departing. On the other hand, most of the airlines have carrier and special belts (even long travel COTS) so that children under two years old can travel in their own seat.
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