What are e-books or ebooks?

Ebooks or electronic books are publications in digital format, and also used the term to refer to the appliances or devices used to access or read these publications. Today there is a wide variety of "digitized" books, which you can buy and download (in some cases even free, as in the publications offered by Project Gutenberg, gutenberg.org), then read on the computer, palm, pocket pc or other device for these purposes. On the other hand are the "ezines", which would not come to be ebooks as such, but periodicals by Internet, which are usually distributed through email; Although you can download to then be read such as an e-book, does not belong to the category as such.

As regards the format of these files, or books that are downloaded, unfortunately for the neophyte in the subject user a great variety, but reigns the PDF format, which can be read using Acrobat Reader (is present in the majority of computers). The good news is that programmes or dedicated software to read e-books support most formats, so the subject can be "transparent" or not relevant to the user. Other formats that you will find will be .txt, .doc,. rtf. Some formats that attract attention are the OPF (allowing "flip" pages similar to what you would do in a book format that belongs to E-Book Systems). The format dedicated to this kind of books of Microsoft is the .lit, and Palm is .pdb, which is read using eReader, which generally comes installed on these laptops.

There is much debate as to the real benefits of the books in digital format versus the traditional form; the truth is that printing on paper has its magic, as a characteristic that texture and smell, but we must recognize the practical side of digital versions, in terms of durability and versatility, provided we have the necessary equipment. Surely the custom also influences the preference.

In terms of digital books in Spanish, the format is still "emerging", and only some providers offer this innovative system. He is not generally intended that the ebooks will displace the books of paper, but that they are to stay and take his place is a fact, as evidenced by the figures of the English-speaking market.
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