What is an essay?

The word trial, comes from the latin, exagium. What you want to say, weigh something. And that is precisely what makes an essay. Since all test, is on a subject in particular. The which can be chosen, the most free way you want to. Unless it is requested, at school or University. Especially in the last, the tests have become very used by the professors, to measure the research ability of students. Since in a trial, is essential to the work of gathering information, that may be, the person that you will develop.

In all tests, it is important, having an introduction to the topic, then develop it and finally, present a conclusion. It is something very similar to what journalists do every day, write your press reports.

In most trials, the literary Court are (in fact, is regarded as a literary genre), which would fit the journalistic and others of the same category. On the other hand, we find the scientific tests, which are written with the rigor of the scientific method (observation, experimentation and quantification).

But all essay, is characterized by exploration of the subject matter, as well as its research, development and reflection on it. But undoubtedly all trial, is charged by the personal vision of those who drafted it. This is a factor that can never forget us. Writer, delivers a personal and unique view on the matter to be treated.

But anyone, who wants to write an essay, you must keep the same wording of this. Like the vocabulary to deal with. An essay is a written, where the form is as important as the Fund. They are complementary materials.

The idea in an essay, is to prove, what you want to express. Therefore you must use a think, guided by critical reason. Whereupon, the cognitive, occupies a fundamental place. . To answer immediately, any refutation, that want to deal with what we are exposing. Aside from using creativity, at the time of writing. Therefore, the trial, is a purely intellectual work. Working with the cognitive, ideas and their subsequent development. Likewise, in any trial, it is important to check our ideas, through a good bibliography and support.
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