What is graphic design?

The central idea in graphic design, is the communication of ideas. Ideas which are organized through the use of images, which seeks to combine art with typographical aspects.

That is, words or written text, which in conjunction with the visual, looking to deliver a message clear and direct. It is through these messages, which in general, graphic design, create ad campaigns.

Campaigns, which are used by public or private agencies. And it is that graphic design, tends, as mentioned above, any message or communicate. Therefore, government agencies, graphic design will be used, to express campaigns that have as a receiver, citizens in general.

On the other hand, we have the graphic design, which is used by private companies. Which use it, to be able to increase your sales or improve your corporate image. So, as graphic design, can be used by marketing departments, for the purpose of sales. And with respect to the corporate image, it will be the Department of corporate communications, concerned with the internal and external communications, who will see in the graphic design, a very useful tool to communicate the inherent messages of the organization.

With respect to the history of graphic design, this begins to be considered as such, already advanced 19th century. Still, some specialists in the field of graphic design, think they see it incipient way in some of the paintings, made by humans, who lived in the era of the Paleolithic. This appreciation has been a valid way of assessing what has been done by these humans, who had a fairly rudimentary conception of your reality and your life.

Even works art, mixed with the writing, as the Bible hand-made by Irish monks in the 9th century, called the book of Kells have been considered, as valid expressions, which is nowadays considered as graphic design.

But graphic design, reaches his real childhood, after the invention of the printing press. It is as well as I continue the development of graphic design, until the separation between fine art and applied art, takes place in the 19th century.

Of course, that the maturity of graphic design, would not occur until the 20th century it began. Where achieved to develop graphic design, as it is known today. Gradually, the graphic design, is tornado more sober than trends that preceded the 20th and 21st century. In the past, given much value to purely artistic. Where the typography, was one more expression of the artistic idea, which was to print.

But with the advent of technology, computers, and the inclusion of software and hardware, in the same production of graphic design, it ends up by adopting a vision more practical and effective in this field.

Anyway, there have been cries of disappointment, against this most linked to the purely productive line. Cries, which have sought to graphic design, to shop again to be closer to art than to the effects. Even, in certain cases, be searched that graphic design, a more radical shift towards the visual, setting aside the typographic part.

As a profession, graphic design, should be developed, by persons who handle clear concepts, to work with the visual presentation and management of this point, with the typo, to deliver at the end of their work, a clear and understandable, message to the target audience of the same. Thus, with graphic design, not working only with words and Visual effects separately. But with both, so joint and parallel, to create an effective message, primarily, but that because of its beauty or concept it represents, the attention of the public. Since otherwise, people will not stop, by more penetrator to be the message, look at what you want to communicate. Things for the human being, come by the view, concept that handle perfectly graphic designers, who are those who give life to the world of graphic design.
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