What is a story?

The story is a literary form defined as a brief narrative form, as it is expressed in written or oral form. It has certain features that allow you to set it to broad strokes. Within these features we find that it is always a narration, the Act of counting something in short form, in a short space of time. A story is a fictional narrative that can be completely creation of the author, or it can be based on real-life events, which could even be part of the life of the author.

The author focuses on taking a just as the main theme, producing an effect on the reader or the auditor, and closes the development of this theme with a finish that is often unexpected, while on other occasions it is absolutely something predictable.

A story always has certain essential elements that make up its structure. The first relates to the fact or narrated event, where the central theme of the story is developed. Secondly, the content, that gives the story novel, allowing you to be a particular reality interpretation, even though it is fictional. Finally, the expression, either linguistic or written, is what allows to objectify a tale, and may thus have a receiver, a reader or auditor, allowing to hear or read the tale to acquire meaning and life.

As well as in most of the stories, the characters are a fundamental element in the stories. They can be formed by animals, people or things that participate and interact with each other in history that is narrating. There are certain characters that are more important than others, thus making the division between protagonists and secondary characters. Many times who tells the story, also takes part of it, in this way, the Narrator is part of the characters.

Distinguish between those of anonymous author, tales handed down from generation to generation by oral tradition; This tale type is called the folk tale. On the other hand this one that is transmitted using the written tradition, usually featuring a particular author, what is called the literary tale; to this category belongs the famous collection of stories of Eastern origin, "the thousand and one nights.
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