What was the Queen group?

Queen was a British band formed in 1970 by Brian Harold May (keyboardist, guitarist and parochial), Farrokh Bommi Bulsara (who opted with some reason by the name of Freddie Mercury, lead singer, keyboardist, pianist and composer), Roger Meddows Taylor (drummer, guitarist and vocalist) and a year later joined John Richard Deacon (as bassist). In its early days the band achieved some notoriety in England, but they are their third and fourth albums and especially his hit "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Bohemian Rhapsody), which sends them to stardom.

Bryan May and Freddie Mercury include authors, but no one can deny that the genius of Mercury is which makes something completely new group. Along with Elvis is the first that the public be involved in the interpretation of songs, introduces new elements in the concerts and performances are catalogued as the best in the world of rock. Nor forget the voice so privileged that Mercury had, few performers have a vocal record as the it. Queen is the Heavy and Hard Rock pioneer.

Another curious fact is that they are the first to benefit from the explosion caused by television and videos of songs, being very celebrated and criticized the first shemale video: "I want to be free" (in English "I want to break free"). Another great originality of the Group was its marketing that took them to perform the "sound track" of several films as Flash Gordon (of the celebrated Dino de Laurentis), that by the way the film was an economic fiasco but the album "Flash" was a success.

Another movie scored by them was "The Highlander" whose single "Prince of the universe" was a great success, but the film was another taquillero fiasco, curiously a few years later leaves a Canadian television series based on this film that it becomes a television success (always musicalized by Queen).

Premature death from AIDS of Mercury and Deacon withdrawal killed the group, while the two remaining members of the group have done some still under work on behalf of Queen. Controversial on the stage and in their lives this band will never be forgotten because that never went out of fashion, ever changing with the time and the public, its representations and they will not allow the histrionismo of Mercury.
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