Who invented the newspaper?

The newspaper, is an informative publication that is distributed every day in a city, region or country. Although it is not possible to point to who invented the newspaper, if we say, as we shall see below, it was Julio Cesar forerunner or who gave the impulse to the first rudimentary publications such form.

As with many of the human creations, the newspaper takes shape through ingenuity and drive of diverse people and cultures; It is not possible to accurately determine invention it who, but that came about as a natural manifestation of human endeavor.

Before the year 59 before the birth of Christ, in Rome, he circulated daily an pasquin in which it reported the daily actions of the Republic; It was called daytime minutes or events of the day. That was given by the order of Julio Cesar, who was looking for a way to communicate to the people the facts and its Government.

Similarly, there are publications of similar form, dating back to the year 713 a.d., in the Chinese Empire.

But the publication of a newspaper, as such, was not given until after Guttenberg. Who invented movable type printing press. The country is attributed to which the first newspaper as such is to Germany; at the end of the 15th century was distributed among the population some sort of pamphlet with sensationalist stories in conjunction with the most relevant news events.

As for the print media, it appeared through flyers, in the 15th century. In subsequent years, the newspaper culture with great force. In fact, a newspaper was established in 1645, (Post-och Inrikes Tidningar) in Sweden, which still continues.

September 25, 1690 published the first newspaper in America, which was called "Publick Occurrences". It was printed by Richard Pierce and edited by Benjamin Harris. This specimen had only three sheets and the intention was to release copies on a monthly basis; Unfortunately this never happened, and only years later the Americans enjoyed own publications.

Already for the 19th century, the newspaper suffers a great evolution and a tremendous development in the more developed countries. This was mainly due to who invented (Otto Mergenthaler) Linotype machine.

But it was in the 20th century, through the successive advances in printing techniques that accelerated the whole process, when everyone was able to buy a newspaper, and had it early in the morning. I.e. the circulation of the newspaper, achieved a sharp increase in all countries that enjoyed full freedom of the press.

With regard to the media companies that publish newspapers, they are grouped in what is known as print media. This is which is dedicated to reporting the news, both nationally and internationally. Whether in political, economic and cultural issues among others. Today there are complimentary newspapers and those who are extra. In general, the newspaper must be purchased, since it is the way in which the media companies, make money. Another form of support for a newspaper, is the advertising that leads inside. Therefore, who publish a notice, you must pay for it, depending on its cost of the size of the notice and the page will appear.

Within the Organization of a modern newspaper, owner or head of this, called executive director. On the other hand, responsible for news content, is named general editor.

Currently, the electronic newspaper has been developed. Publications printed editions, which appear in the Internet-dependent or independent. These editions, have succeeded in bringing a strong race or battle, with the traditional editions. Because of the convenience of the network. Even when, in several of these printed editions, anyway there is to pay a monthly fee to read the content of the page.

As we have seen, although it is not possible to say emphatically who invented the newspaper, if we know its predecessors and its development throughout history.
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