Who invented paper?

The paper as such, is a structure which is possible to obtain, through from the cellulose fibers (which is obtained from trees). These fibers are cross-reviews, to form a sheet, which is quite flexible, but at the same time tough. In order to determine who invented paper, we will first examine some of its history.

The name of the paper, derived from papyrus or papyrus. This material was that used in antiquity, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, to be able to write. Of course the Papyrus, is only a rudimentary form, where you could write. We could understand, that Papyrus, is a material that precedes the role.

The need for the role, is based on the fact, that its predecessors, such as Papyrus, did not have a good performance and took a long storing them, due to their size and the form in which they were kept. Without the proper care they deteriorate easily.

So, as seeking to solve these problems get to the paper. Who invented paper, was a Chinese eunuch. Who was Chief of the eunuchs of the Chinese emperor, the year 105 was. His name was that of Ts'ai Mon. One of its primary functions, was to be in charge of the supplies of the imperial palace. The preparation of the paper, to design this eunuch, was performed from waste of fabric. In addition, Ts'ai Mon, worried about producing scale paper, apart from getting the necessary permits for this company.

One of the many incentives he had Ts'ai Mon, was that you China already had achieved an important development of its bureaucracy, so it required a more practical material, to bring their accounts and reports. Apart from that it was a type of material, easy to store. A situation that was very well, to the tables of wood or silk fabrics, which were used until then.

Later, after various perfections that it did to the role, due to its great demand, they began to use bamboo fibers, for processing.

Hundreds of years later, the technique came to other areas of the East. It was the case of Japan and Korea. Through this domino effect, several years later, paper-making, came to the West. This happens thanks to the Arabs.

Paper boom, was given after the invention of printing from movable type in the 15th century. This was due to the printing of books, cheapened considerably, by means of printing, since they formerly performed by hand. This paper, began to occupy a place of privilege, within the European supply chain. And it continues to have a great importance today. TS'ai Mon, who invented the role, would be proud.
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