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Amado Nervo
(27/08/1870 - 1919/05/24)

Amado Nervo

Mexican writer and poet

He was born on August 27, 1870 in Tepic (Nayarit). Descendant of a Spanish family who settled in San Blas.

His primary instruction makes it at modest schools of his native city. His father died when he was nine years old, and his mother sent him to a school parent Romans, Jacona, Michoacan, who then enjoyed some fame. In this school, and then at the seminary in Zamora, Michoacán, he made his preparatory studies.

He wanted to pursue the career of Attorney and he studied two years brokenness fast paternal heritage forced him to return to Tepic and put in charge of what little remained and to work to help his family, it was large. Later, looking for best destination, he went to Mazatlan, where he wrote his first articlesin the Mail in the afternoon . Later he travels to the Capital (1894) and there efforts and consequent penalties, managed way.

He entered the diplomatic corps; He was Ambassador of his country in Madrid (Spain) and Montevideo (Uruguay). In 1894 he moved to the city of Mexico where he met Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera and with him founded the Blue magazine.

His first work, the novel the Bachelor (1895) shows features naturalistic, and in his first books of poems, Pearl black and mystical (1898), already appear features modernists. It is at this time when he also founded the Modern magazine. It is sent to the Universal exhibition in Paris in 1900. There he meets personally to Verlaine, Wilde and Rubén Darío. Writes tales, travel books, essays, mostly poems collected in the book of exodus and the way flowers (1902).

In 1901 he met the great love of his life, Ana Cecilia Luisa Dailliez, who lost his life on January 7, 1912. His religiosity it expressed in works as them gardens Interior (1905), in voice low (1909), serenity (1914), lift (1917) and fullness (1918). His masterpiece is still beloved (1922), published posthumously, inspired by the death of Ana Daillez.

Amado Nervo died in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, on May 24, 1919, in the Park Hotel, where he lived, being head of the diplomatic mission of Mexico in Uruguay.
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