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The Italian psychoanalyst Contardo Calligaris was born in Milan, the Italian city in 1948. He undertook his studies in Switzerland and then graduated in Psychoanalysis at the Université de Provence, in France, then defending the thesis ' the Passion of being ' Instrument, research that focuses on the practice of bureaucracy.

After reside during 15 years in Paris, he traveled to Brazil, in the Decade of 80, with the goal of engaging in a series of conferences, but to meet the gaúcha Eliana Calligaris, psychoanalyst fell and he married the Brazilian company, which gave him three children.

Contardo relationship with the father is approached in his first fictional work, the tale of love, in which he resolves the paternal image mentally achievement that during years of analysis he didn't hit. Calligaris confesses that the place populated by this figure in his mind became, at least partially.

Somehow he managed to create a gap between the utopian idea of father and his real image, and to convert part of the paternal history into fiction, Calligaris has succeeded in giving the silent father a more human status. As for the mother, he claims he was also quieter. Descendant of an industrialist, to 20 years she contracted marriage with a doctor reached by political strife.

In 1994, already fixed on Brazilian soil, he left for the u.s., there residing during 10 years. In New York he taught Cultural Studies at the New School for Social Research; and at the University of California at Berkeley, he taught Anthropology. But even during this period he continued to come to Brazil every month, for consultations with their patients, decided to return permanently, until in São Paulo.

The psychoanalyst published throughout his career, various works, including Chronicles of individualism everyday, from 1996, a collection of texts written for the journal Folha de São Paulo ', where since 1999 maintains a column; Adolescence, of 2001; Letters to a young Therapist, released in 2004; and his first book of fiction, the tale of love, of 2008.

During his stay in Europe, in Switzerland, Contardo had the happiness of sharing of friendship and intellectual partnership of the famous psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. He the advising, fichando books for his master. The psychotherapist underscores the difficulty of living with this professional, that he had an unusual phobia of goodbyes. They would meet again in Paris.

Calligaris, which dominates at least 4 languages, is skilled at inducing people to reflection on human existence, contributing to ease the anguish caused by the contemporary challenges. He is particularly versed in the issues of adolescence, stage of life that Contardo reveals himself to be intense cultural load bearer, one of the most potent energy sources today. It is in this sense that he focuses on the adolescent, in one of his most widely read and studied books, adolescence.
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