Who were the Beatles?

The ("The" in English, part of the original name or) Beatles were a British band formed between 1957 and 1960 in Liverpool. Achieve success in late 1961 and early 1962. Nobody explains as originates the name of the band, which passed among others by "John and The Silver Beetles", "John and The Beetles", "John and The Beatles" and finally it's just a "The Beatles". Although the founding member was John Lennon, then Paul McCarney, George Harrison and Ringo Star joining him later. They would form the final group, between 1960 and 1962 made several presentations successful in Hamburg, although there were some problems with the owners of the premises in which they were presented. Working in night clubs is not "idyllic" but is a way to make known.

None of the songs from this short period is meritorios except and with a great perhaps "My Bonnie" which began to attract the gaze of a producer. Although it was difficult to get a brand label that would support them suddenly success comes on top of the Beatles with simple disk (a disk of acetate with two songs, one for each side) "Love me do" on his back was "P.S. I love you". Then Fortune smiles them and successes come by the dozens, in the following eight years they managed to establish brands in sales and popularity that only much later were matched by other bands and that only Elvis would surpass in its time, yes Elvis always is the great reference in matters of rock.

They founded a production house to help other artists and boost them but it is an economic failure and although the money there are plenty arguments. Many see in the wives of Paul and John the cause of the trouble between the two great composers. One and the other always claimed to get along and who even shared the credit of certain songs. His relatives claimed that they worked little together and that the rivalry was not as friendly as they used to say in public. Also the Beatles entered the film with several movies and television with an animated series that personally always seemed very funny to me but I have some preference for the English humour of that time.

For 1970 the band makes their last album and they are separated. Lennon makes sure that nobody can use the band's name if it is not by the four original members reunited again. For years seeing them together is a dream that became impossible when Lennon he was murdered in 1980. Recently died George Harrison and Ringo health was not very good. As for Paul he still makes presentations and has respect for the artistic community can give to a living legend. None of them had success independently they had together. I can remember some successes of Ringo as "Ghosts in my mind" and some raids himself in films like "The caveman" and several television series. George are few to which I can contribute, but Lennon and Paul are most abundant very known.

The last appearance of this band on television was the first live global transmission and interpretation of the song "Let it be", indeed between people and balloons that are in the video we can see Mick Jagger, very friend of Lennon and thus tried to steal a little advertising in the shadow of them. The band The Beatles is it called "The big four" nickname not used since the second world war was used to call the Presidents of France, Russia, England and the United States to win that conflict. That way they manifest the importance that had "The four of Liverpool"
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