7 web sites that are useless for anything but still are interesting

There are Internet sites that revolutionized the way we do things, bring us great joy or hours of fun. Others, help with studies, work or to organize ourselves. There are also sites that provide tips, discussion forums, and millions of personal pages.
However, for every good web site, there are at least ten terrible. And today, we want to know 7 web sites that are good for nothing, but as you indulge know and give them a bit of your time.

#7 type as a professional hacker

If you want them to take hacker and saw many films in which the ves producing magical codes in a black screen, your chance of becoming them is on site Hacker Typer.
To enter, you see the black screen and, as you type, no matter what you touch, started to appear lines of code on screen, such as in the films. You warn film lies and what you will achieve, is look like a phony in front of the rest.

#6 is the invisible cow

For those who like challenges (and have so much free time), Find The Invisible Cow allows them to find an invisible cow that lurks somewhere on the screen.
During all the time listening to a sound that tries to imitate a cow (though not accomplished...), and as you approach, the audio becomes stronger as a way to give you a clue. Useless, boring and annoying after the first 10 seconds. And a valuable advice: not to play with headphones, and much less with the sound to the maximum.

#5 the dream of Rube Goldberg

Is there anything more exciting to do dozens of Rube Goldberg machines running infinitely? It's the site Blue Ball Machine, where we can see hundreds of blue balls around the screen.
A good way to waste time, and are at least confident that we will appreciate that there that we teach you this system name that everyone knows, but identific√°bamos as "that where a ball makes domino effect and rises, low, runs through places, etc..." Bah, I don't know how to explain it"." Thanks, Rube Goldberg!

#4 where is the cursor?

There are moments in which therefore while we spend at the computer, we lose the ability to see what we have in front of our eyes... As the mouse cursor. Luckily, this website called Pointer Pointer will show us photographs of strangers who will "magically" point the arrow on the pointer, where even if we return to move it.
Many will say that it is something pretty stupid, but insurance don't understand the grace that can lead to the sequence of images taken out of context.

#3 the time passes for everyone...

Although for the more flirtatious, the passage of time is something that better to not speak, inevitably whenever we think about it, we are older that before (go discovery, right?). However, the site you.regettingold.com puts into perspective many aspects of your life, in relation to the history of the world.
Not only can calculate, thanks to your date of birth, the number of days you're alive, the times your heart stopped or the amount of miles you've travelled in all these years (generalized approaches, is clear), but that you can compare data totally irrelevant, as the sum of ages of two famous people to reach yours.
And in a touch more creepy, also shows a graph of the estimated the number of people with our same age, who are still alive or have already ceased to exist.

Free #2 Abrazos in the best place in Internet

You are sad and need a hug that makes you feel better? Then go to The nicest place on Internet, where besides a weeping and annoying music, see pictures of people who give you a hug. A site for take a moment, and think about all the people who selflessly gives a warm virtual hug strangers... And so necessary that they are sometimes.
If you want to return the favor by so much fondness, you can record yourself hugging air and upload it to the site. Some lonely soul will thank insurance. And there is no greater satisfaction than that, isn't it?

#1 believe it or not, these sites there are...

Finally, and as we are talking about useless sites, The Useless Web is a paradise for when you search for procastinar, since it gives you access to several sites mentioned above... And many more.
Simply go to the web and ask (by clicking on the button "Please"), which leads to any page that is absolutely useless to waste time and occasionally throw some laughter. Simple, but effective.
Article contributed for educational purposes

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