Aesop's Fables: The Wolf and the dog asleep

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He slept peacefully a dog in a home portal. A wolf is hands on him, ready to give a feast, when in that dog begged to not sacrifice him still.

-Look at me, now I am bone - he said-; wait a little while, since my Masters will soon celebrate their weddings and I will also give me my good eating binges, I engordaré and insurance will be a much better dish to your liking.

He believed her Wolf and departed. After some time again. But this time found the dog sleeping on an elevated piece of the House. He stopped in front and reminded the dog that had been agreed. Then the dog answered:

-Ah Wolf, if another day again see me to sleep in the House portal, do not worry to wait for the wedding!

If an action takes you into a hazard, and then you manage to save him, remember what was this action and prevents repeat it never to be his victim again.

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