Apps to exercise your mind

As you exercise your body going to the gym, also you can maintain in good condition your mind through exercises for the brain. These exercises consist of puzzles, logical reasoning, Math and memory retention. As well as the abdominal muscles reduce your body fat, crossword puzzles work your neuro linguistic Centre and if you are very lazy for push-ups then we recommend the best apps to exercise your mind.

#5 Brain Trainer Special

Brain Trainer Special you will test to do exercises quickly and will help you to develop your ability to do activities simultaneously. With practice this game will help you to make decisions fast and correctly as well as making mathematical calculations in seconds.
The application includes mathematical operations, rapid calculation, trainer of memory through images, sequences of numbers, letters, and more.

#4 Brain Gym Premium

An application for iPhone that will help you to improve your memory through fun games of sequence and memorization. Brain Gym Premium has access to the Jirbo social network that will allow you to compare your performance with the rest of the world and know your level to go see as improvements.

#3 BrainWave Tuner

Unlike the rest of the applications contained in this list, BrainWave Tuner uses frequency of sounds to exercise the mind. It has more than 20 sound patterns inducing meditation in order to work different functions of the brain: sleep, relaxation, concentration and learning.

#2 IQ Enhancer

We recommend Sautéing IQ if you prefer to measure your IQ more "scientific" way. The application works in the following way: each day are generated 10 questions that you must answer with a time limit according to the level of the question (there are three difficulty levels), while faster you answer more points earn.
The software saves your results on a history of mode that you can see the evolution of your coefficient in time, you can challenge your contacts to take the quiz together and compare the results.

#1 NYTimes Crosswords

Know the lovers of crossword puzzles are those published by the New York Times the most challenging and respected. This application called NYTimes Crosswords Republic the same puzzles that appear in the journal, and you can entertain yourself with more than 6000 free crossword puzzles that come with this application.
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