Can cook with the dishwasher? Discover how

Did you know that it is possible to cook with the dishwasher? Thus sounds weird, but it's a practical and economical way of cooking, and also ecological, since it takes advantage of the energy for two different functions. And it seems that the economic crisis and the desire to save and find new uses for all types of objects and devices, such as home appliances, is sharpening the wits and by testing the skill of many people.
In this case has been a famous Italian blogger, Lisa Casali, which has devised a new way of cooking - taking advantage of the heat that generates the dishwasher during the wash-, has submitted to various tests to find him the point, and has even written a book of recipes -Cucinare in lavastoviglie (cooking with the dishwasher, Editorial Larousse)-where detailed, step by step, the entire process.
Lisa Casali, professional environmental monitor, began learning to use all edible parts of food such as vegetables, for example, to avoid wasting so much food, and then wondered how could reduce the impact of environmental activities such as cooking food.
In addition to energy savings, among the main advantages of the technique its inventor is that the nutritional properties of food are not lost in cooking water or through steam
Occurred to him that if he took heat from the dishwasher to prepare the meal you could save water and, above all, electricity. To do so, should put the food in glass containers that are closed tightly, to prevent the wash water from penetrating inside. The blogger has tested different temperatures and washing programmes until it has given with the optimum for each dish. And it has also to analyze the contents of the dishes to demonstrate that his technique is safe.
Among the main advantages of the new method, explains the own Casali, besides saving energy involved, is that cooking at a temperature low and stable, and that the nutritional properties of food are not lost in cooking water or through steam.

How cooking in the dishwasher

Besides knowing the ingredients and the cooking times required for each recipe detailing Casali in his book, cooking in the dishwasher you must follow a few simple guidelines:
  • The necessary elements are glass jars similar to those used to store homemade jams, and plastic bags for food, which becomes les vacuum with a device especially designed for this purpose, which can be purchased at a home appliances shop.
  • Most dishwashers have three basic programmes: one fast, which lasts half an hour and reaches a temperature of around 65 ° c, one ecological (at 50 ° C), and other intensive that employs water to 75 ° C for nearly three hours.
  • Most importantly, according to the author, is to calculate well the times, since each cycle wash is suitable for a certain type of food. So fish is ideal 'washed' fast - 30 minutes at 65ºc-, while the ecological - three hours at 55 ° C - is very well suited for red meats, shellfish, and eggs.
  • Low temperatures highlight the flavor and the natural properties of food, so, Casali says that it is not necessary to add seasonings.
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