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John worked for a company for two years. It was very serious, dedicated and conscientious of their obligations. It arrived timely and was proud that they never received a reprimand. One day, approached the Manager to make a claim:

-Lord, work in the company two years ago with enough care and I am comfortable with my job, but I feel that I have been shelved. Look, Fernando joined an equal to my post only six months ago and it has already been promoted to supervisor.

-AHA! -replied the Manager. And showing some concern said-: while we resolve this I would like to ask you to help me with a problem. I want to give fruit to the table for lunch today. Please, find out if the store front have fresh fruits.

Juan out to comply with the order and five minutes was back.

-Well, what averiguaste?

-Lord, have oranges for sale.

- And how much cost?

-Ah! I didn't ask.

-Well. Did you see if they had enough oranges for the staff?

-Either I asked that.

-Are there any fruit that can replace the Orange?

-Not it, Sir, but I think that...

-Well, sit a moment.

The Manager picked up the phone and called Fernando. When he arose, he gave the same instructions that John, and in ten minutes it was back. The Manager asked him:

-Well, Fernando, what news I bring?

[-Lord, have oranges, sufficient to meet all the person], and if you prefer, have bananas, papayas, melons and mangoes. The Orange is 150 pesos per kilo; banana, to 220 pesos hand; the handle to 90 pesos per kilo; the papaya and melon, to 280 pesos per kilo. Say me that if the purchase is for quantities, they will give us a discount of ten percent. I left the oranges separate, but if you choose other fruit I must go back to confirm the order.

-Thank you, Fernando. Wait a minute. Then turned to John, who still there:

-John, what I say?

-Nothing, Lord... that's all. With your permission.

Today we call for empowerment. I.e. that bosses give subordinates the possibility to make decisions and take responsibility for them. But are employees assuming this function proactively and self-motivated?

The potential is in people. It is they who should develop it and make it known of others through concrete facts.
Translated for educational purposes

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