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The origin of the competition is linked directly to competition. It is known since the first sperm reached the uterus of a female, becoming the first life. Since then, she hasn't stopped to happen and is everywhere.

Male animals compete to lead the bunch or mate with a female. Humans compete with each other to occupy a prominent position. The competition can be peaceful or not, depending on who is competing and is present in all actions where more than two people want to occupy the same space.

Humans are competitors by nature. Wins the one who is more prepared. Hence the term "jurisdiction".

Can be positive, encouraging the search for improvement and perfection or negative, dishonest and violent disputes generating in search of power.

The competitions can be commercial, religious, political, emotional and sports, where victory is represented by the desired conquest or through rewards, prizes, titles or symbols such as trophies and medals.

Commercial competitions: are generated by advanced mechanisms of marketing, sales, price competition and best services.

Affective competitions: are those where there are disputes of attention to be intended, putting into practice all the skills if they think necessary for such conquest. In the early days, men duelavam to death to conquer her ladies.

Religious competitions: there are many the differences between religions, that lead to dispute its members with all sorts of arguments. In addition to the philosophy of each, the competition between the segments is performed through parties, fund-raising campaigns, building temples and advanced marketing techniques. Not to mention the internal disputes among the alternates to the leadership.

Policy: competitions Started since the first Kings decided to conquer other territories, generating wars and conflicts, become democratic with time. Nowadays are made truthful competitions in search of votes. Associated with the tools available in accordance with the purchasing power of each, the competition policies are carried out in a creative way.

Sports competitions: Of all genres, from Olympic competitions to those who decide who eats the most amount of pizza, are present today and keep develops new procedures at all times.

Anyway, the competition is something that never ceases to exist.
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