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Now, in the digital world, the man moves through new territory, known as cyberspace, a sphere of interconnection that dispenses material of human presence in order to establish an interactive communication process. Thus have room for fantasy, essential for that generates an anonymous identity, which will be shared with others.

This innovative sphere a new language emerges, reflecting new forms of relationships, involving the man, the environment, animals and technology. It is in this context that increasingly emphasizes the cyberaesthetics, the most contemporary aspect of Aesthetics.

The cyberaesthetics investigates the processes governing the subversive sense of a body that acts, reasons and feels virtually interacting with interfaces - logical resources that allow the exchange of data between two systems - that open the doors to a universe not material, this not only on the computer, especially the Internet, but also on cell phones, in chips, transistors, optical cameras, GPS, among many other mechanisms.

Modern perceptions require alternative ways of seeing the world, to understand the relationship with the universe itself. It is under these connections deployed within a cyberspace increasingly rooted to the physical body through keyboards, mice, modems, cameras and all kinds of sensory equipment, that it is essential that there is a discipline to study and become understandable this process.

The body is transformed to sensorial perform a synthesis of their energy stimuli to the computer increasingly provided with artificial intelligence. It is thus possible to generate in cyberspace an increasing number of new lives, hybrid, semi-artificial, which cause human senses in a true metamorphosis. This occurs, for example, in Second Life, digital game that has become popular, where people can create their avatars - virtual personalities - and thus fully develop alternatives lives.

This simulation helps to better understand the extent assumed by the digital universe, when it is possible to establish true urban networks in cyberspace, creating communities, jams, homepages, a virtual experience, next to the real. In Second Life even business is conducted in the virtual sphere. Similarly emerge emotional relationships that could hardly be defined as real or imaginary, so belonging to a scope still partially unknown, the virtual nature.

The emotions and senses mobilized in this technological experience, artistic and sensitive experiences born of this interaction, which does not exclude extremely complex mathematical operations, hidden in high-performance software created for all these hybrid experiences can be realized, are now surveyed the background by cyberaesthetics. This aesthetic aspect tries to understand, reach the consequences of this new energy interaction of the body and the human mind, imbued with all its cognitive power, with artificial intelligence - both bound by electricity, present throughout the universe.
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