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Fear is a real feel, and can be a friend or an enemy of man. It is normal that, in the face of the real dangers of the existence, the first reaction is fear, because in normal, healthy appearance, he preserves the dangers, warns us to the threats and, in this sense, one can act or escape. Depending on the context, either a as another can be positive, everything depends on every boundaries.

All face fears the most diverse at certain times of life – from death, disease, violence, accident, old age, among others. He sometimes appears out of nowhere, other times a Crescent shape, in people's minds, and can both stimulate constructive actions as become a threatening shadow, when takes on the aspect of panic, taking account of consciousness and preventing any action or reaction, paralyzing people. In these cases, it is necessary to seek a treatment, in order to be able to beat this monster Devourer, before being completely dominated by him, especially in the sphere of thoughts, because in his extremity he prevents the functioning of reason.

Usually the fears come from known factors, so most people know what they fear. Sometimes, though, they are seemingly unreal, that is, no one knows where they come from and why is this feeling – it's like a premonition, when you know something is there or going to happen, but you can't define. By being aware of what scares us, that fear disappears, because normally we are afraid of the unknown. Thus, when the child really believes that there is a monster under his bed, he feels the fear growing inside of you. But, when you prove to her that there's nothing there, she breaks free of this emotion.

To overcome excessive fears, we must resort to mechanisms of our unconscious, believe in his power, and strive to transmute the conditioned patterns which reside, in order to accomplish our deepest yearnings, among them, get rid of the fear, the destructive figure their sources. This fear that escapes reason must be faced, because he comes from the connection that our mind performs with the frustrating experiences, when it becomes clear that the unconscious is unable to discern illusion of reality, so can't tell what happened in the past than the future will occur and what goes on in the present. So, if the person keep picturing that the negative experiences recur, they really will succeed again.

In our society, subjected to a growing violence, the successive traumas, stressful living conditions, it is not difficult to person diving into fear-related disorders, such as panic disorder, but it is also possible to react and get a better quality of life, turning so this feeling into something that encourages a constructive action in order to convert the fear into something normal and healthy, protector and preservative, stripped of this pathological aspect of who he is today.
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