Cosmetogenomic, genetics versus aging

The biological age - having our organs and cognitive abilities - and not the years that we have met, is which determines longevity and quality of life. Advances in science have enabled to increase the life expectancy of human beings, and now the genomic medicine, which scans the genome and detects the weak points of each person to prevent the development of diseases likely to help decrease illnesses associated with aging.
Genomic medicine, in addition, also be applied to antiaging therapies to reduce and delay the external signs of aging - something that worries all-, and that is what is known as cosmetogenomic: a set of treatments focused to maintain a good physical condition and intellectual for as long as possible.
The aging of tissues is related to genetic and environmental factors, especially diet, exposure to air pollution and toxic substances, and ionizing radiation that we receive. Our organism has mechanisms of elimination of toxic, but when these are blocked, we begin to accumulate radical free, that join the DNA, lipids and proteins, originate dysfunctional molecules and cause premature aging.

Cosmetogenomic: customized antiaging plan

Antiaging treatment consists of a personalized health plan that is based on a profile of individual aging. To identify it, there are a number of diagnostic tests such as blood tests, urine, hormones or saliva, ultrasound and x-rays, which are used to analyze various individual biochemical parameters to be compared with the population mean and, thus, determine the biological age of that person.
They are also evaluated the risk of cardiovascular and oncological, respiratory, renal and hepatic functions, or alterations osteo - articular, as well as lifestyle: dietary habits, physical activity, body composition, etc. Genomic test, finally, allows to study the DNA of the patient through a blood sample, then cell cultures that prove the cellular aging of tissues are made, and the genes involved in these processes of aging are analyzed.
With all this data specialists set up a personalized health plan which includes recommendations to improve habits in relation to nutrition (Nutrigenomics), dietary supplements, drugs, nutraceuticals, and establish an appropriate programme of physical exercise and mental exercises to control stress and stimulate concentration and memory.
As explained by Dr. Ramón Cacabelos, President of the World Association of genomic medicine, "we have the opportunity to be the inhabitants of the Earth with the greater life expectancy of the entire history of mankind, and that is a public health challenge, socio-economic and scientific". According to this expert, the Genomics antiaging medicine, which helps the body cells age as slowly as possible, will help overcome those challenges preventing diseases and "decreasing the degree of disability of the senile population".
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