Did you know that fats Brown and beige avoid obesity?

The Brown fat is a type of fat that childhood serves to protect children from the cold, and who believed that you disappeared when we did us older. However, not only still present in small amounts during adulthood, but that, according to various researches have confirmed, at this stage of life the fat Brown stimulates energy expenditure significantly, and Burns extra calories that are consumed with the meal, which may help control weight and, even, lose weight.
In addition, it has been discovered that you play an important role in the metabolism of triglycerides and glucose circulating in the blood, turning them into power, so it could serve to prevent diseases such as diabetes and obesity,
In infants and young children the Brown fat is needed to regulate body temperature, and found that this good fat is most abundant in people who have normal weight that in those who suffer from obesity.

White fat,  fat and brown beige

Contrary to what happens with the white fat that it is responsible for storing energy and, therefore, causes some people to submit an excess of body mass, the fat Brown, as we have explained, acts by eliminating the excess calories in the diet, and thus facilitating the control of the weight.
Beige fat was recently discovered, and consists of white fat cells which, thanks to the action of a hormone called irisin, they acquire characteristics of Brown fat, like burning the excess energy cells. Although its capacity to eliminate calories is lower than that of the Brown fat, are also investigating their potential applications in the treatment of obesity.
The Brown fat plays an important role in the metabolism of triglycerides and glucose, converting them into energy, and is able to stimulate energy expenditure and 'burn' the extra calories taken with food
During the 20 th International Congress of nutrition of the Union International of nutritional sciences, which was recently held in Granada (Spain), Professor Jan Nedergaard, Department of Moleclar Biosciences at The Wenner-Gren Institute of Stockholm (Sweden), explained that all the published studies have demonstrated the great capacity of the Brown fat to capture and assimilate the circulating glucose, as well as to burn excess energy ingested through diet.
The specialist added that in laboratory animals has also been observed that the shortage of Brown fat is enough develop obesity, although it is not known if this works the same on humans with overweight. It is currently not possible to change the number of this type of fat in the body, but there are numerous investigations underway trying to find out how your presence can be adjusted since this discovery could help to prevent diseases such as diabetes and obesity.
Source: 20 th International Congress of nutrition of the Union International of nutritional sciences
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