Do for your diet isn't working?

Although it is unfair some people do not know on that are failing: you why diet is not working?, it is a question needs to respond urgently rather than frustration decrease motivation to follow a healthy lifestyle.

All you ever have become the question would not get lose weight still improving my diet?
It is very important to know, because these changes in diet are failing. Many people who try to lose weight ignore crucial factors that influence much to lose weight so often is that fail to lose weight even making the effort to improve the power. Recently it was discovered people to diet do not recognize all factors and tips needed to lose weight.

The most frequent causes of because a diet, does not provide the expected effects, may be:

Your diet is not working because you were previously dieting of eat little

It is common to find patients who take medicines for weight loss decrease appetite or decrease the absorption of foods such as Orlistat or sibutramine and spend several days fasting. Fasting or dieting of eat little fattening a lot. At the beginning it seems these slimming but really just are missing your muscles.

Tip: Instead of dieting eating little is best to discover how to speed up your metabolism to lose weight, for example by increasing physical activity.

Your diet is not working because you're not sleeping enough for weight loss

It is remarkable how after a night without sleep, you have more appetite. In addition to the following day increase preferences for foods with sweet flavors. Not sleeping well is even more important to lose weight that the diet, it is important to not only sleep eight hours minimum, but deep sleep. So if these sleeping next to a snoring that does not allow you to sleep deep, may be that the reason why your weight-loss efforts are failing.

Recommendation: Evaluate the cause of the because no is this sleeping well, if it is by discomfort, stress or illness and consult a professional if necessary. Take tizanas with relaxing herbs, take a hot bath or Omar a glass of warm milk, are some of the tips for deep sleep and prevent insomnia.

Your diet is not working because you do not know what are carbohydrates

Carbohydrates (flour, cereals, biscuits, fruits, sweets and sugar) worsen the function of the hormone insulin and may produce insulinresistencia. Recommendation: It is not necessary to remove the CARB but it is definitely good to avoid overeating them.

Your diet is not working because you have calcium and vitamin D deficiency

The importance of calcium and vitamin D is crucial but little-known for weight loss. When there is a lack of calcium or vitamin D fat cells understand that they must store all food and begin to grow in a unstoppable. Calcium and vitamin D determine the behaviour of various cells of the body including fat cells. It is impressive as the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D in many cases can be the cause of failing to lose weight even improving the diet.

Begin to consume calcium and vitamin D Foods dairy (skim milk, nonfat yogurt and nonfat cheese inhibits the growth of fat and facilitates a lot lose weight.)

Recommendation: While more milk better. Eat more foods with calcium and vitamin D it will be easier to achieve weight loss. Foods that you should eat more calcium and vitamin D are skim milk, nonfat yogurt and nonfat cheese.


Although it is very uncommon for some people can gain 4 or 5 kgs to have hypothyroidism, or problems with the production of hormones in the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism is never able to fatten someone 10 kgs. It is very important to recognize the symptoms of hypothyroidism: sensation of cold, slow pulse, constipation, dry skin, very dry hair, swelling of the legs and eyelids. In addition people with hypothyroidism have milk secretion by the breasts, depression, muscle aches.

Recommendation: If some of the above symptoms occur or there are family history queries with a doctor endocrinologist for the corresponding test performed to diagnose hypothyroidism: TSH dosage. Unlike other diseases in which symptoms are important to make the diagnosis, hypothyroidism in the laboratory results are very useful. TSH should be measured in the laboratory, and if it is between 0.5 and 6.0 is arguably suffer from hypothyroidism

Your diet is not working because you do not exercise

Some few calories are burned during exercise, but that is less important to achieve weight loss. The most important of the exercise are hormonal changes that causes. Unlike what some think exercise reduces hunger and anxiety. Exercise also helps sleep deeper and avoid depression. Recommendation: Exercise tends to be very boring. It is necessary to find some way to have fun while doing exercises. You have a partner of exercises is a good idea to keep motivated.

Your diet is not working because you are older than 60 years

It is true that upon reaching age 60, the ability of the body to burn calories eaten with meals is lower for several reasons. The production of growth hormone occurring at age 30 with deep sleep or exercise at 60 has disappeared completely. This hormone was capable of transforming food into muscle, but his absence does that food be transformed into fat. In addition to this age people tend to exercise less and it is more common to start taking medicines that do not help to lose weight.

Recommendation: Consult your doctor to avoid taking medicines that get fatter and seek support for exercise

Your diet is not working because you are taking medicines that do not help to lose weight.

People who take medicines that do not allow to lose weight usually have made many sacrifices for weight loss, but relatives are suspicious of that they are really working to lose weight and take care of their health. Often only stop taking medicine that does not lose weight, patients begin to lose weight without much effort. It should take into account the changing diet and lifestyle is more difficult than replacing the medicine that does not help you to lose weight.

Recommendation: There are always drugs with similar effects that do not prevent weight loss and may be best option.
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