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The BitTorrent network is one of the mechanisms to download files most used currently. This type of methodology offers high speed downloads thanks to the exchange between pairs which significantly reduces time of any file.
Without a doubt one of the best customers for this Protocol is uTorrent, a program that allows us to download, manage and Search all types of torrents easily and comfortably. Then we will see how getting the best out of your downloads, in a few simple steps. Do we see them?
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1. download uTorrent

Obviously, the first step is to download the software, and there is no better place than uTorrent official site, where you can find versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition to this you can download a language pack that lets you choose from more than 50 different languages.
The installation is quite simple just like any other program and, in the majority of cases, it fits and attaches to your computer to begin to function optimally. Although it sometimes requires a bit of manual configuration.
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2. knowing the interface

On the main screen you will find basic buttons of any client of this type: Add Torrent, add Torrent from link, create new Torrent, remove, start, stop, up, down. In addition, in the sidebar we will see under the group "Torrent" packets having downloading, sharing, completed or active/inactive.
From the tab "Options" can even access some options display, and the "Preferences" section, that us is quite useful because from there we will succeed in setting up the software to download torrents at maximum speed to the next step.
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3. configuration of uTorrent

In the "General" tab you can configure aspects of the program that do not affect the downloading of files, such as language, integration with Windows, etc.
On the other hand, in the "Connection" tab is where you will find the necessary options to modify the variants in relation to the ports of downloads and speed of descent and ascent. You can choose any random port, make sure the port is open, but the speed will never be optimal. Here you have a tool to check it, just enter the number and will tell you if it is open or not.
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4 maximum speed in uTorrent

Now, in "Wide band" section you will find a few lockers where you can select the maximum speed of descent and ascent. This will help us to control how much bandwidth we want to give to the program.
If we leave the computer downloading without doing anything, it is always best to get the maximum speed, but if we are going to surf the internet we can place the cups up and down between 70% or 80% of the maximum. In addition, we may supplement these options with those laid down in the "Tail" section, configuring an optimal number of downloads (or shares) for our connection.

5 controls the Firewall, and make sure you get good seeds

We remind you that to get maximum download in uTorrent speed is good to turn off the firewall of Windows or the antivirus you are using (creating also an exception of antivirus program). In this way, uTorrent can operate at its maximum capacity.
On the other hand you must remember that the download speed will be mediated and moderated by the number of users that share the file that you are downloading. And why you must make sure you have good "seeds", these are the users who are sharing the file you were looking for at that particular moment.

6 search engines of Torrents

Finally, we recommend two search engines of torrents: The Pirate Bay and Torrentz. These services are metasearch engines that will allow you to search in various trackers at the same time. They are really very good and work in a practical way, but obviously, you must always look that, ultimately, the file actually contain what you are looking for.
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