Endorphins, generators of happiness

Endorphins are chemicals - endogenous opioid peptides - which produces the organism and that serve the function of stimulating the areas of the brain where the pleasurable emotions are generated. In this way, they act as if it were a natural and harmless, drug that does not cause addiction and is a source of well-being.
Thanks to the endorphins - which regulates the gland pituitary gland - we can feel pleasure and enjoy life and for this reason are known as hormones of happiness, but also contribute to mitigating the pain sensation (are a natural analgesic), to release hormones involved in sexual response, to regulate the appetite and strengthen our immune system.
When the endorphin levels are low can cause abrupt changes of mood, anxiety, depression, or behaviors of obsessive-compulsive type. People who do not produce enough endorphins are more likely to incur in addictive behaviors as the consumption of alcohol or drugs, providing them, albeit temporarily, a pleasure or satisfaction not getting themselves.

How to generate endorphins

There are no pills that contain endorphins, but that the body generates them naturally, but certain habits and attitudes, such as the consumption of certain foods, or the practice of certain activities, it encourages the production of these substances. Here are ten tips that can help you keep your endorphins at adequate levels.
Thanks to the endorphins you can enjoy life, but they also contribute to mitigating the pain sensation, release hormones involved in sexual response, to regulate the appetite and strengthen the immune system
  • Laugh. Laughter releases endorphins.
  • Make social life. Evidence shows that social relations prevent depressive States and help maintain cognitive functions.
  • Enjoy the sex.
  • Practice exercise. If the gym bores you, remember to dance, walk through the countryside, or any game that involves movement and physical activity, they are healthy and help relieve tension.
  • Sleep well. A poor night's sleep is a risk factor for developing diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disorders. But, in addition, fatigue and lack of energy will make you feel sad and depressed.
  • Performs an activity that you like every day (if only for ten minutes), like listen to music, read, enjoy a coffee or a tea while you contemplate the sunrise or the sunset, play with your children, make crafts...
  • Use the imagination. Recall moments where you were happy and visualize situations you want to experiment and you are pleasant (a holiday, meeting with friends, an appointment, a celebration...), can increase the flow of endorphins.
  • You watch your diet. A balanced diet is key to being well.
  • Alternative therapies such as reiki, massage, or exercises such as Tai Chi or yoga, help to secrete endorphins.
  • Be happy. Endorphins help to feel good and be happy increases the levels of endorphins, so they are cause and consequence at the same time. For this reason, think positive, and remember that happiness is in enjoy the small things of every day and the good times and, above all, in the company of your loved.
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