Foodpairing, the science of food combining

The Foodpairing analyzes and reveals the best way to combine  foods and combine the mixture becomes suitable for the most demanding palates is the goal of Foodpairing , a culinary technique devised by the Belgian scientist Bernard Lahousse that is to discover what the best possible combinations of different foods, ingredients and drinks at the molecular level, share the same basic flavor profiles.
Lahousse The formula devised by, and embodied in a web creator that launched in 2007 - is very simple to use, and soon went from being employed by the chefs of haute cuisine, cooks without stars and production companies, which found that the new system was very effective to develop new products or improve already had.
The Foodpairing is also a useful tool for professional bartending because it allows the pairing of new ingredients that lead to innovative cocktails. And any fan of the kitchen can become what Lahousse called foodies and follow the directions of your portal to develop new dishes, experimenting with the combination of ingredients that would never have dared to mix.

Intuition in the kitchen made ​​science

The Foodpairing is based on the chemical analysis of the ingredients, foods and beverages, in order to develop a list of flavors present in each of them, and then combine only those with molecular affinities to create new recipes; something like what the perfumers to discover what the best mix when developing a perfume.
cooking enthusiasts can use Foodpairing to develop new dishes, experimenting with combining ingredients that never would have dared to mix
Chefs have always been guided by his intuition and experience to prepare meals, and when they wanted to innovate or add a personal touch to a recipe of life proved different combinations until you find a satisfactory result. The Foodpairing is a resource that facilitates this task because it offers some schemes beforehand -. 'foodpairing'-trees in which the different possible associations
describes the center of the tree is the main ingredient, and around-in the different branches and are classified into categories-those who have affinities with this, so the closer each of these elements of the central ingredient, share more features and better positioned combinations can be made.
's Foodpairing is a database that meets many possible combinations, but then will be the professional or amateur cook-down experiment with them and provide a personal touch to each dish. This tool can also help you gather in one more recipe of your favorite ingredients, and if you're cooking and you lack, for example, a spice to the stew goes well, gives you other equally valid options. Dare to try its free version, and surprise your guests with an original pairing.
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