Fracking, health risks

The fracking, or horizontal hydraulic fracture, is a technique that is used to access natural gas reserves located at great depth, and used for years in countries like United States. However, some studies warn that it can have a negative impact on the environment, and also carries risks for the health of human beings.
To release gas retained in the rock, it is necessary to cause a series of cracks in it, with a method that consists of injecting water and sand, along with various chemicals, high pressure, through a hole you drilled the field up to the corresponding site. The gas flows so well through originated in rock fissures, and reaches the surface.
Defenders of the system say that natural gas is the least polluting fossil fuel that currently exists, and that take advantage of untapped reserves is perfectly compatible with the development of renewable energies, to while would reduce dependence on other energy sources more pollutants such as oil or coal fossils.

The fracking, are dangerous for health?

Obtaining energy sources and industrial activities involve a number of risks which is necessary to study to establish measures that ensure their safety. However, zero risk does not exist, and thus show numerous industrialists dumping that have caused genuine environmental catastrophes, and occasionally also serious health problems to the town near the accident.
In the case of the fracking, scientific studies and environmental organizations have warned already of the possible risks that it may have, both for environment and for the health of the people. And they point out that many of the chemicals that are used to release gas from the rock are carcinogenic, and may contaminate drinking water.
Although the pipe through which these products are injected lining cement to prevent leaks, leaks affecting aquiferscan occur. In fact, a study that analyzed 68 groundwater wells located in Pennsylvania and New York (United States), found evidence of contamination of drinking water by methane related the fracking.
Noise pollution from drilling and the heavy traffic of trucks involved in the exploitation of wells and the shipment of the waste, is another problem that allege its detractors, which added the risk of earthquakes in the area, as a result of drillings and the high-pressure water injection 24-hours-a-day for extended periods of time.
And it is that to make the gas extraction profitable platforms should have several wells, which can make the ground becomes unstable and low-intensity earthquakes occur.
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