Garcinia cambogia, is effective for weight loss?

The Garcinia cambogia is a common plant in the South of India, where it has been used for years as a spice, and also to treat various conditions (gum infections, hepatitis, digestive problems...). His fame in Western countries, however, is due to its effects on the metabolism of the fats in the body and its ability to produce satiety, characteristics that have made it is marketed as a complement on slimming diets, or to help maintain ideal weight.
But, is it true that the Garcinia have slimming properties? Is your continued use by people who want to lose weight or by those who do not want to regain the kilos lost after a diet safe?
Shell Navarro, Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Granada and President of the center of research INFIT (phytotherapy), explains that the ideal is to use the g. cambogia after the weight loss, in the maintenance phase, and will effectively promote that excess carbohydrates we ingest are not transformed by our agency in lipids - which is the best form of energy storage that we have - thanks to which acts by limiting to one enzyme - the ATP-citrate lyase-key for the conversion of carbohydrates into fat ,.
Diets to lose weight are low-calorie, with a very low consumption of carbohydrates and fat, so it is hard to produce a surplus; However, after completing the diet, says the expert, "the intake of Garcinia cambogia will somehow prevent the rebound effect which are often very severe diets in what refers to caloric restriction, and will enable control over the calories coming mainly from carbohydrates have to be exhaustive".

Benefits and contraindications of the Garcinia cambogia

The g. cambogiacontinues INFIT President also acts on serotonin, increasing their availability in the brain, so taking it one hour before the main meals, 'will provide the body a certain feeling of satiety, i.e. a certain loss of appetite', something that helps to follow a low-calorie diet, both to control the weight after completing it.
Another benefit provided by the consumption of Garcinia cambogia is the improvement of the lipid, profile 'diminishes discreetly abnormally elevated levels of LDL cholesterol and plasma concentrations of triglycerides, and although it will not act as the statins, yes contributes to the decline of these excessively high levels'.
In terms of their possible contraindications, this expert in pharmacology of natural products says that in principle, its continued use is safe, but it is not recommended for people with diabetes. In any case, it is always necessary to consult a physician before taking this type of product, especially if it is following treatment with drugs, because the medicinal plants may interact with these.
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